[Chicago Slices raw: Brookfield Zoo #2]

Brookfield Zoo (con't); MIKE SULLIVAN, lawn mower for the Park District of River Forest, interviewed in park on his lawn mower.

00:00Copy video clip URL Continued footage from tape 14071. Raw footage: zoo keeper Larry Pulice waits for tigers to exit cage.

00:31Copy video clip URL Larry heads outside to drop off food at the snow leopard exhibit. He shows videographer a behind-the-scenes caged corridor animals use to access the lion house.

01:39Copy video clip URL Larry continues to the snow leopard yard. Audio cuts in and out. Question: how do animals respond to cold weather?

02:34Copy video clip URL B-roll of kids and adults at the zoo viewing the animals. Comment to Larry: You must have pride in being with these animals.

03:52Copy video clip URL Audio cuts in and out. Video drop outs.

04:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of tigers on exhibit, laying in pool.

04:40Copy video clip URL B-roll of kids admiring the tiger exhibit.

05:05Copy video clip URL Video drop outs.

05:15Copy video clip URL Continue b-roll of kids admiring the tiger exhibit.

05:50Copy video clip URL Video drop outs.

06:01Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing.

06:11Copy video clip URL B-roll Wheel of Survival cat fact sheet, a giant wheel with cat facts spun in circle fashion.

07:05Copy video clip URL B-roll, kids spin the Wheel of Survival.

07:38Copy video clip URL Change of location. Videographer is with Mike Sullivan at a park in River Forest. Mike is about to mow the grass on a big tractor. He introduces himself. Interview questions: How long do you work? How many parks do you cut a day? Mike takes the tractor for a spin with videographer on the hood.

08:40Copy video clip URL Variety of b-roll showing Mike cutting the grass.

10:36Copy video clip URL Video drop outs.

10:37Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll showing Mike cutting the grass.

10:50Copy video clip URL Interview questions: What’s the hardest part of the job? (trees and signs) Any job hazards? (not really) People don’t really think about the fact that someone has to cut the park grass. Do you cut your lawn at home? How do you feel about grass? How often do you cut the park grass? They discuss how a clean cut park affects a community and community image and spirit. How many blades of grass have you cut in one day?

14:24Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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