[Chicago Slices raw: Bruce Campbell]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." Doug Sawyer talks to Hollywood producer Bruce Campbell about his upcoming projects. Campbell gives a speech emphasizing his dubious celebrity connections. Sawyer is confrontational, questioning many of Campbell's claims. The tape ends right after Sawyer catches him in a lie about his connection to Roger Ebert.

00:00Copy video clip URL Sawyer arrives at Campbell’s office in Chicago and is welcomed by his associate, Richard Baldwin. Sawyer gathers footage from around the office while waiting to interview Campbell.

01:14Copy video clip URL Campbell explains that the actors who were scheduled to be there for this interview canceled on Campbell at the last minute. The three were supposed to talk about a project called “Second City Revisited” which would be directed by Alan Arkin. Campbell plays some footage on a TV monitor of another interview he had taped with Tom Weinberg fairly recently.

02:23Copy video clip URL Sawyer asks Campbell about being labeled an “idea man.” Campbell says it is a correct assumption and begins to talk about his many years in showbiz. He eventually talks about his current work with Kurt Vonnegut on a number of different projects. Campbell lists the many celebrities involved in the projects, including Bruce Willis, John Candy, Steven Wright, and many others. Campbell then quickly moves on to talk about the slew of other projects and celebrities he’s currently working with. The hotel room/office he currently resides in is filled with books, screenplays, and other documents, all scattered across the floor, chairs, and desks in the surrounding area. He circles the room, explaining each project he is putting together, listing off the names of the celebrities involved. He also talks about a few of his past projects. This lasts for a good portion of the tape.

07:10Copy video clip URL Campbell talks about coming to Chicago and becoming involved in the television and film world. He got involved in show business by following in the footsteps his father, who worked for MCA in San Francisco. Campbell quickly moves on to talk about his many production projects, showing Sawyer numerous artifacts he’s collected along the way. Sawyer eventually asks him why he moved to Chicago once again. Campbell says he’s come full circle ending up back in Chicago, where he lived as a small boy. He goes on to talk about some of the film, television, and theater activity in the Chicago market. He goes back to talking about the many projects he’s involved in, dropping names like Orson Welles, Yul Brenner, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Studs Terkel, Mickey Rooney, Mel Brooks, and many others.  This lasts for several minutes.

21:21Copy video clip URL Campbell takes Sawyer into his office/bedroom. He eventually makes his way back into the main room and continues to talk about his projects. He goes on to highlight his credo, which was adopted from his father. This lasts for several minutes.

25:48Copy video clip URL Campbell talks about the first time he met Roger Ebert at a broadcasting convention. Ebert had complimented Campbell for his work on the movie “Johnny Got His Gun.” Campbell claims to have just traveled to a book signing with Roger Ebert at a Borders in Deerfield, Illinois. Sawyer was also there and conducted an interview with Ebert, and he confronts Campbell about not seeing him there.

27:19Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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