[Chicago Slices raw: Chicago Caterers]

ANDREW JONES continues interviewing staff and his tour of the kitchen of Chicago Caterers. Jones records performances and interview with The Funky Wordsmyths.

00:00Copy video clip URL The executive chef at The Chicago Caterers (identified only as Greg) tours the kitchen discussing catering and service. B-roll of various chefs at work preparing, slicing, whisking, and wrapping orders.

09:39Copy video clip URL The executive chef prepares a special dessert for Andrew.

12:36Copy video clip URL The chef gets a shot of Andrew eating the dessert.

13:22Copy video clip URL The executive chef talks about his career in food and hospitality, starting as a child.

14:38Copy video clip URL The executive chef shares a photo of a proud dish he made for a recipe contest. He shares his personal passion for food and cooking.

15:28Copy video clip URL Exterior establishing shot of The Chicago Caterers.

16:05Copy video clip URL B-roll of a man and dog walking down the street.

16:17Copy video clip URL Interior, basement club. A band (The Funky Wordsmyths) plays live. A fusion of jazz, rap, and recitation. Very dark. Underexposed.

48:20Copy video clip URL Interview with band’s lead singer, what the band wants to accomplish, why they chose music as their form of expression, and how his songs are written.

59:20Copy video clip URL Portrait of a mother holding her baby.

59:43Copy video clip URL End Tape.



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