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Interview with Ron and Nancy Pejril, who run the Compu-Erotic Bulletin Board System (CEBBS), chat room focused mainly on sexual topics. We see shots of the computer with messages from the members and hear the Pejrils' thoughts on electronic dating.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll, view from above in passenger area of Ogilvie Transportation Center. Various passerby.

01:16Copy video clip URL B-roll of reflective glass windows.

01:36Copy video clip URL B-roll computer screen showing a Bulletin Board chat in progress. The videographer asks about the terminology used. Nancy Pejril is at the keyboard chatting with multiple users. She chats that the cameraman is Doug. The others in the chat room send greetings and emoticon smiles. Nancy notes that she has met all the people who are in the chat room and they are normal people. She says one is an electrician, one is in retail, one is a law student, one is a jewelry maker. She notes they are mostly PC users.

03:46Copy video clip URL Ron Pejril comments on the pseudonyms, noting that chat room users can assume any identity they want. The videographer asks Nancy to type what is the best thing about the bulletin board. Answers: The people! Nancy notes that all the users in the chat room can read these comments at the same time. One users notes that I-balls are the best part of the bulletin board. Nancy explains that I-balls is a term for in-person parties the group occasionally has.

05:26Copy video clip URL The videographer asks what the wildest thing is that ever happens on a bulletin board. Nancy types the question to the users. Answers: No Comment. I’m not sure I should say on film. This is tuff.

06:01Copy video clip URL Audio drops.

06:25Copy video clip URL Nancy and Ron note that there is a way to share info in a chat room privately between two individuals without the rest of the bulletin board users seeing the comment.

06:44Copy video clip URL Nancy continues chatting online. One user comments online that they’ve gotten into D&S, Dominants and Submission, as a result of being in the group. Ron notes that every Wednesday they host adult lifestyle conversations. This week is Bondage and Discipline. Next week is Women Only and then Swinging Couples. He notes that’s the context in which this group started out. The former bulletin board host was a swinging couple. They set up the Compu-Erotic Bulletin Board System (CEBBS) so that like minded adults could meet online before meeting in person.

08:14Copy video clip URL Ron notes the bulletin board is a place where you don’t have to put up the facade you put up at work. You can be yourself without being judged.

08:21Copy video clip URL Ron and Nancy respond to chats. They tell how they met. Nancy says they started calling independently in the summer of 1990. They were independently members of CEBBS and met each other online. Ron notes that meeting people through text on a computer is very different because you get to know the person from the inside out. Nancy comments that Ron’s handle was “Veronica” yet he was male. That piqued her interest.

11:11Copy video clip URL They note CEBBS has over 550 members and tell of how they became owners. The original owner sold it to them. In two years the board has doubled its size and the Pejril’s are hoping to triple it.

12:00Copy video clip URL Ron shows his CEBBS t-shirt listing some of the members’ racy handles. They note that they had to use the acronym CEBBS because the phone book would not allow them to advertise as Compu-Erotica. Nancy notes that most members work professionally with computers and know modems. Other members will be new computer owners who discover a modem in their computer.

13:18Copy video clip URL Nancy comments that a chat room is like having a corner bar on your desk. She notes most people in the public chat rooms talk about what’s happening at work, relationships, the same things you’ll talk about over a drink. The private chat rooms, they note, are different. The content is more hot. Hot chat is digital sex. But she stresses it’s not raunchy, it’s erotic fantasy.

15:39Copy video clip URL What need does this chat room satisfy? Ron notes that people today don’t necessarily feel able to open up honestly in society about erotica. The bulletin board provides a safe, anonymous place to do so without judgment or social repercussions. Ron notes you develop an online persona, your inner self. Nancy thinks people in the chat rooms are more themselves there than they are at work.

16:46Copy video clip URL Ron notes that in the chat room now is Big Bad Wolfe, Lil Red Riding Hood, and Wolf Huntress setting up a scene. Wolf Huntress is chasing the wolf. Nancy comments that handles let you dive into your moods immediately. Ron also notes the diversity of topics on boards: from mundane daily routines to erotic fantasy. Nancy notes that the bulletin board redefines normal. Ron talks about various alternative lifestyle conferences that educate and allows like minded people to meet.

20:40Copy video clip URL Ron and Nancy talk about swinging. They note swinging had its heyday in the 1970s, but that it is very popular in electronic bulletin board systems. Having hot chats are a way to soft swing. It’s safer, fewer chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Chats are ways to get to know people before deciding if you want to get into a relationship with them.

23:52Copy video clip URL How do people find out about CEBBS? The Pejrils note that have ads in Chicago Reader and a phone number in the phone book. They talk about their process for verifying that a potential bulletin board user is an adult.

24:54Copy video clip URL Various takes of Ron and Nancy introducing themselves to camera, recapping how they met, how they got to know each other, and that they were married three years ago. They describe CEBBS as a community of open minded adults expressing themselves the way they want.

28:16Copy video clip URL The Pejrils note that the people are the best thing about the Compu-Erotic community. They are above average, fun, intelligent, out-going. The bulletin board is a place where mousy people can be the sexiest people.

29:10Copy video clip URL They name some of the more interesting handles: Vixen, Hammer, Cat, Pleaser, Pony. They say it is about 30 percent women, but that number is growing. Women are able to join for free and Nancy thinks as more women get past the computer-phobia stage they will join too.

30:15Copy video clip URL They say that CEBBS is age 18 and over. The median age is about 34 and show a graph of the age demographics.

31:31Copy video clip URL The videographer asks what the wildest thing is they’ve seen in the chat room. Ron says once about 5 people were sharing a Pirates of Penzance-style story with a hot, erotic twist. Nancy notes the New Years Eve party is the wildest event. The group decided that men should not hug and kiss others unless invited to do so. Invitations were made up for women to give to whomever they wanted a relationship with. The invitation had a specific sex act they wanted to perform with the recipient.

33:35Copy video clip URL They note they just had a big picnic. A camp out is next. A Loop lunch is coming up. They also have a monthly birthday bash for members and a pot luck. They also have a monthly Star Trek party. They show movies, TV episodes, and cartoons.

36:11Copy video clip URL The videographer asks what Star Trek characters like Data, Piccard, and Worf would think of what they’re doing with computers. Ron and Nancy agree they would all be pleased.

37:22Copy video clip URL The Pejrils share the board’s motto, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, which comes from Star Trek.

38:40Copy video clip URL END



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