[Chicago Slices raw: Cuba Caravan #2]

CUBA CARAVAN (con't). A group of Chicago natives put together a number of supplies to smuggle past the embargo to the Cuban people. There is a brief anecdote by one of the leaders about meeting Fidel Castro.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage continues from tape 14082. Group of drivers line up in the church basement and receive applause from the audience. The drivers introduce themselves one by one.

03:58Copy video clip URL B-roll of the audience.

04:06Copy video clip URL Elderly man gives a speech telling the history of the Chicago Peace Council and the money they give to the caravan.

05:34Copy video clip URL A woman at the microphone on stage talks about the caravan and the money collected thus far, and gives thanks for people’s involvement. She introduces the next speaker who talks about suffering in South Africa and in Cuba.

08:00Copy video clip URL The speaker plays a recorder while a partner accompanies on percussion.

10:29Copy video clip URL A recitation and musical performance.

11:15Copy video clip URL A drummer plays percussion.

11:39Copy video clip URL B-roll of the group loading the trucks with boxes, crutches and bicycles.

15:40Copy video clip URL Interior of the church basement. A guitarist plays while a man recites in Spanish.

17:25Copy video clip URL The guitarist sings.

20:10Copy video clip URL The guitarist plays while a speaker recites.

21:02Copy video clip URL B-roll, the exterior of a brick building covered in murals.

21:29Copy video clip URL Interior of the church basement. A group stands together for a portrait.

22:28Copy video clip URL Videographer walks with Reverend Lucius Walker talking about driving from Milwaukee. He talks about the history of  the caravan.

23:20Copy video clip URL Interview with Reverend Walker about how the caravan started, how he got involved. He describes the history, about how this caravan will differ from the last one, about the Mexican contribution, the reception in Cuba, and motivating people and the church to support the effort.

36:39Copy video clip URL Videographer walks down the street. Light is low. Interviews Eric Hahn who talks about what it’s like to be a driver in the caravan, the logistics of keeping a caravan together, how many drivers per truck, the skill needed to drive a box truck.

44:16Copy video clip URL Eric tells a funny story about meeting Fidel Castro.

48:11Copy video clip URL Interview with Harald, a German driver, in the caravan and a member of a Peace organization. He talks about why he’s interested in helping.

50:38Copy video clip URL Lights in the basement turn off. The interview stops.

51:08Copy video clip URL The interview resumes. Harald talks about why he thinks the campaign is important and how Europe feels about the US embargo on Cuba.

54:21Copy video clip URL Exterior at night, shots of the church and neighborhood.

55:34Copy video clip URL END



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