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PAT SKAFIDAS and GENE KLOMPUS: collection of 23,000 cuff links: novelty pop culture cufflinks, historical cufflinks, and is the headquarters of the National Cufflink Society. Here's My Story.

00:00Copy video clip URL Gene Klompus and Pat Skafidas, founders of National Cufflink Society, introduce themselves and their  collection of cufflinks (23,000 pairs), certified world’s largest by Guinness Book of World Records.

01:44Copy video clip URL Gene talks about the history of cufflinks and various fasteners.

02:25Copy video clip URL Gene demonstrates cufflinks for gamblers and card sharks, and cufflinks owned by American Civil War General George McClellan.

04:48Copy video clip URL Pat notes and demonstrates cufflinks for ladies including ones with watches, music boxes, and thermometers.

09:29Copy video clip URL Interview question: What was your first cufflink?

10:32Copy video clip URL Gene shows cufflinks once owned by President Lyndon Johnson and discusses the President’s personal connection to the World War II-era aircraft displayed on the cufflinks.

11:51Copy video clip URL Gene searches for one of the proudest pair of cufflinks in his collection. Interview questions: How did you get started collecting? How many fit in a single Dole box? How do you keep track of them all?

13:32Copy video clip URL Gene displays one of the collection’s proudest pieces: cufflinks owned by President George H.W. Bush, and tells the story of how he obtained them.

14:36Copy video clip URL Interview questions:  Do you wear a long sleeve shirt all the time? Do you get dressed up more because you have so many cufflinks?

15:24Copy video clip URL B-roll of the collection.

16:25Copy video clip URL Gene says they receive cufflinks from all over the world for evaluation. Interview questions: What can you evaluate about a cufflink? Is there one quality of collectors that stands out? What do you do for a living? Does it relate to cufflinks?

19:22Copy video clip URL Interview question: How did you two meet?

20:13Copy video clip URL Pat talks about their additional collection of tie clips, tie pins. Gene talks about the various concentration of collectors: historic, sports themed, etc., and notes that collecting cufflinks is a way of remembering the past and building pride in a possession.

22:29Copy video clip URL Gene shows off  his NFL-themed cufflinks and gives contact information for the National Cufflink Society.

23:34Copy video clip URL Pat shows off a National Cufflink Society pin. The society has been enforced for 18 months. They describe the newsletter, members, ads, and announce the upcoming 1994 convention.

24:50Copy video clip URL Gene talks about how cufflinks and tie clips change with the times and the fashions.

25:34Copy video clip URL Interview question: What can you tell about a person based on what kind and style of cufflink they wear?

26:45Copy video clip URL Gene shows off various casual and formal evening wear cufflinks in his collection.

28:09Copy video clip URL A second take of Gene showing off various casual and formal evening wear cufflinks.

30:57Copy video clip URL Gene shows his tie bar in the shape of a slide rule.

31:50Copy video clip URL Interview question: What’s the newest addition to your collection? Gene brings them out: sets of Huckleberry Hound-themed cufflinks; The Beatles-themed tie pins; and Vincent Edwards as Ben Casey tie clip and cufflinks.

40:27Copy video clip URL Final words from Gene and Pat and a discussion about where the phrase “off the cuff” comes from and if it’s related to cufflinks.

42:11Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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