[Chicago Slices raw: Deep Tunnel Project #2]

DEEP TUNNEL PROJECT: Andrew Jones interviews, while on tour of the facility, MICHAEL J. GRADY, Chief Operating Engineer at The Main Stream Pumping Station, about The Chicago Water Reclamation District Deep Tunnel Project.

00:00Copy video clip URL Continue raw footage from video 14046. Michael Grady, Chief Operating Engineer at Metropolitan Water Reclamation District introduces himself and gives tour of the Hodgkins facility.

01:15Copy video clip URL Michael shows maps of the sewer system, model of a boring machine, deep tunnel model, model of the water reclamation facility, and illustrates how water enters the facility, the pump house; he shows on a map where the tunnel starts and finishes.

07:48Copy video clip URL Michael prepares viewers for a tour of the pump house, 300 feet below the surface.

08:18Copy video clip URL Tour of the control room. Michael explains all the gauges that measure water in the tunnel system.

09:30Copy video clip URL Michael explains the mission of the reclamation center and takes viewers on tour of the pump room. They enter the drop shaft, describe the 17,500 horse power pump.

17:12Copy video clip URL Michael shows the site of future pumps and discusses how the pump system works, how the pump was constructed and how the tunnel was constructed.

22:55Copy video clip URL Michael tours the electrical feed the pump house, discusses the dangers, safety, how long it took to build, future plans for adding tunnels, the ventilation system, the tunnel system and how it works — where the waste water goes once pumped — plus shares stories of the tunnel’s construction.

37:53Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of pump room, equipment, signs, valves, dials, meters.

40:05Copy video clip URL Michael interview: why do you like working here? He shares that the deep tunnel project is a model for engineers the world over.

43:11Copy video clip URL Michael asked: What are you going to do for the rest of the day? (Pack for trip to Ireland.)

43:45Copy video clip URL Michael continues tour of pump room and the built in safety feature: the lockout switch in the control center.

45:32Copy video clip URL B-roll of the replica 35-foot tunnel diameter.

46:07Copy video clip URL Michael discusses the cost of building the tunnel system.

48:53Copy video clip URL B-roll of the elevator ride 300 feet back to surface.

50:43Copy video clip URL B-roll of historic still photos showing tunnel construction.

51:12Copy video clip URL Michael wraps up the tour and interview.

52:25Copy video clip URL B-roll of the pump and tunnel models and more construction still photos.

55:30Copy video clip URL Exterior: main gate, establishing shot.

55:57Copy video clip URL New location: the Chicago River. Tour boat “Wendella” docks.

56:53Copy video clip URL END TAPE.


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  1. Douglas Wallace says:

    What a Great interview..Iam so proud to say I work in the Tunnel in the the North pump house for AJ Lowe as a Pipe Fitter

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