[Chicago Slices raw: Dinosaur Bones]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a television series about life in Chicago. This video features Lindsay Wolfe, an 8 year old girl who found dinosaur teeth and a femur in her yard. Lindsay is interviewed at her home, along with her parents and her teacher.

00:00Copy video clip URL Lindsay introduces her mom and her sister, along with herself, and explains that she is being taped because she found bones. She says that she thinks the bones are from a prehistoric elephant or mastodon. She and her mom bring the bones out along with some teeth. She says that a scientist from the Field Museum visited her and told her that he thinks it might be an elephant bone. She says that it’s worth a lot of money, in the neighborhood of $3,000.

02:25Copy video clip URL Videomaker Doug Sawyer asks Courtney about dinosaurs and invites her to sing the Barney song. She shyly clings to her mom and declines.

03:18Copy video clip URL Lindsay explains that she found the bone while her dad was building a new garage. She says that she brought it to her teacher, who brought it to the museum. She shows the teeth that she and her dad found. She says that they were sitting at the top of the soil. Her mom says they were happy to realize that these were not human bones. She said that a professor will carbon date the bones and that they could be up to 18,000 years old.

07:55Copy video clip URL Her father peeks his head into the back porch, noting that they are located on the Narragansett Ridge, which apparently was home to an ancient civilization. He proudly tells the story of how Lindsay spotted the bones.

08:40Copy video clip URL Lindsay takes Sawyer out in the yard to demonstrate where she found the bones and teeth. She talks about how her friends think she’ll be famous and that she’s a celebrity now that she’ll be on TV. She says that she’s very excited about it.

11:40Copy video clip URL She says that she enjoys golfing, swimming, and playing tennis, and goes on to talk about some of her close friends at school. Courtney joins her under the umbrella as they stand out in the yard in the rain.

13:35Copy video clip URL Sawyer points out that they just put new sod in the yard, and asks whether they’re going to dig it up to look further. She says probably not, and that the neighbors may also have bones, but that her neighbors are not likely to dig them up. They talk more about dinosaurs. Lindsay speculates about how they became extinct. She also says that she hopes she will have a baby brother, but that she’ll be happy with a baby sister, as well.

16:45Copy video clip URL They talk about her pets and then she goes on to talk about how nervous and happy she was when she found out that they were coming to tape her.

18:20Copy video clip URL Lindsay’s teacher comes to the yard and reluctantly takes off her sunglasses. She introduces herself as Lillian Degand from Peterson Elementary School, and then tells the story of how Lindsay brought the bone to the classroom. She says that she called the Field Museum and got in touch with Dr. John Flynn, who is investigating it further. She says that Lindsay is very bright and special. She giggles as she talks about the excitement she felt about the discovery.

21:30Copy video clip URL Lindsay says that she’d like to be a scientist like her teacher or something else when she grows up.

22:25Copy video clip URL Interview with Lindsay’s father, Glenn Wolfe, who introduces himself as a contractor, explaining that he was trying to build a garage. He goes on to tell the story of how they found the bones. He suspects that they may have been dug up from a previous excavation of the basement because they came from a layer of topsoil deep under the clay, which is unusual. He says that this has changed his family by raising the awareness that parents are also teachers, and because of the possibility that Lindsay might pursue science as a result. He also points out that his experience with Chicago Public Schools has been great.

26:30Copy video clip URL Lindsay calls this day “exciting.”

27:50Copy video clip URL The four of them pose together and tell the story of the discovery as Lindsay holds the bone. They tape this twice. They discuss the article written about her discovery, as well. Lindsay’s mom points out that the article misled people to believe that they were not very interested in the bone. Lindsay and her teacher talk about their experience with Dr. John Flynn. Mrs. Degand asks Lindsay to put on her special hat for the camera, laughing about how they found the hat.

33:40Copy video clip URL Lindsay and her teacher hold the teeth and speculate that they may be either spinal bones or teeth. Mrs. Degand says that the people at the Field Museum thought they might be mastodon bones from the Ice Age. She also remarks about how wonderfully they treated Lindsay and what a great experience it was.

36:38Copy video clip URL Lindsay brings out some photos of herself with Dr. Flynn and the reporter who wrote the story about her.

37:39Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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