[Chicago Slices raw : Donny Osmond]

Raw footage shot for the series Chicago Slices. This tape features an interview with Donny Osmond at Gino's East.

00:00Copy video clip URL Exterior shots of Gino’s East Pizzeria, where an interview with Donny Osmond will take place over pizza.

01:30Copy video clip URL Donny Osmond enters and sits down with the interviewer, Joel Cohen. He talks about his touring show for “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.” They order pizza and continue discussing the show.

16:20Copy video clip URL Osmond backtracks to the start of his career and describes his various career points and acting or musical ventures since the beginning. He talks about keeping his private life private, wanting to just be a normal Chicagoan in his free time. He heavily stresses the importance he places on his role as a father.

21:25Copy video clip URL Osmond talks about how he almost started professionally racing for Chevy, but then he was offered the lead in “Joseph.”

33:00Copy video clip URL The cooks prepare their pizza, and then it is brought to the table. The interview continues while they eat.

51:40Copy video clip URL Osmond exits the restaurant, posing for a few photos before leaving.

53:38Copy video clip URL Video ends.



  1. Mary Sollami says:

    I thought Donny looks so cute and he did the interview great too.

  2. Mary Sollami says:

    Is the of Donny Osmond picture is still there in Gino”s Restaurant ? Did Donny Osmond ever came to visit Gino”s again?

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