[Chicago Slices raw: Driving in the Suburbs]

Driving in the suburbs shooting the scenes out the window

00:00Copy video clip URL B-Roll footage from a gas station, including close-up shots of the employees and point-of-view shots during a car wash.

03:05Copy video clip URL Shots driving down a residential suburban street. Families are occasionally seen in their front yards.

04:20Copy video clip URL Shop windows and businesses are shown while driving past.

07:00Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of a large golf course and park, from the car window. Afterwards, there is more footage of residential streets, and then more storefronts on a main street.

14:45Copy video clip URL Approaching the O’Hare airport, airplanes can be seen. People are shown getting in and out of cars with luggage at the doors.

22:45Copy video clip URL After going through a toll booth, they drive past businesses in a more commercial area.

25:00Copy video clip URL Footage of a mostly rural area.

28:00Copy video clip URL More suburban footage, including a kids’ baseball game and an ice cream truck.

31:35Copy video clip URL Footage driving around downtown Chicago, followed by footage overlooking Lake Michigan.

33:43Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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