[Chicago Slices raw: Ed Sadlowski Roast #1]

Raw footage for Chicago Slices. This tape features part one of a roast for steelworkers union leader Ed Sadlowski. Friends, family, and co-workers gather at Local 65 Union Hall to celebrate Sadlowski's retirement. Studs Terkel talks about the Chicago labor history, and the legacy of the union movement.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opens to shot of Studs Terkel outside the building. Videomaker Andrew Jones asks him about Chicago. Studs talks about his vision of Chicago as the “city of hands.”

01:15Copy video clip URL Studs talks about Eddie Sadlowski and why he is being honored. He speaks a bit about the labor movement and the Haymarket Affair, and how Sadlowski was such a great labor leader because he knew the history of the labor movement.

03:50Copy video clip URL Jones asks him what kind of slice he’d like and Terkel responds, “A slice of a dream–a slice of a vision that can come true.” He goes on to call Reagan and Bush “Finks” because of the decline of labor under each of their administrations.

04:40Copy video clip URL Cut to noisy banquet hall where Sadlowski makes conversation with guests.

06:00Copy video clip URL Jones speaks briefly with Tony Judge who calls Sadlowski “my hero.”

06:13Copy video clip URL Camera turns to Sadlowski who notes that “these people” are the “most memorable.” He recalls his beginnings in the steel mills, and speaks very humbly about his own life. He recalls that his father was his own role model and hero.  Sadlowski speaks more candidly with Tom Weinberg when he’s not being directly interviewed. They commiserate about the White Sox and the way that baseball has changed.

11:35Copy video clip URL Camera turns to Jones momentarily, and then to various shots of guests in conversation at the party.

13:15Copy video clip URL Invocation by a priest at the podium with shots of guests, including Tony Judge and Leon Despres.

16:13Copy video clip URL Dinner is served while labor music is played and sung by the guests.  All the guests stand up, clap, hold hands and sing “solidarity forever.”

19:23Copy video clip URL More shots of guests eating and conversing, including Studs and Ida Terkel.

25:49Copy video clip URL Formal program begins with speeches from various friends and co-workers.

35:03Copy video clip URL Tony Judge describes Sadlowski as one of his heroes, a fighter for the working class, but also a lover of history and art, a true mentor.

37:00Copy video clip URL Another unidentified speaker praises Sadlowski.

40:24Copy video clip URL Mark Levinson from the Firefighters Union Local 2 speaks and presents Sadlowski with a plaque, describing the anguish of being on strike and the support his union received from Sadlowski.

41:48Copy video clip URL Another guest jokes around on the microphone and then sings a few songs opera-style.

45:41Copy video clip URL Eddie’s son speaks about his father jokingly and does an impression of his father which makes the crowd roar. He then ends on a serious and sentimental note.

51:10Copy video clip URL Another speech and roast from a close confidant. This is followed by another, who reads a poem about mostaccioli dedicated to Ed.

57:25Copy video clip URL Introduction of and speech by Studs Terkel. He again refers to Reagan and Bush as “the two finks” and speaks about how hopeful he feels. He tells a bit about Eddie’s background and how “there is no retirement” because it’s simply in his blood.

1:00:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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