[Chicago Slices raw : Chicago Midwest Emmy’s – Miller’s pub]

Raw footage for the program Chicago Slices. This tape features: the Chicago Midwest Emmy Award ceremony, where Slices was nominated but did not win, and afterwards at Miller's Pub.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll in a hotel ballroom set for an awards show. A Flamenco band plays. Very low lighting.

00:53Copy video clip URL The videographer, Skip Blumberg, runs into Judy Hoffman. He says he is shooting for Tom Weinberg. Judy says she is nominated tonight in the Outstanding Teen Programming category for a video she made with teens in Englewood.

01:57Copy video clip URL The videographer is with Tom Weinberg who notes that Irv Kupcinet is here tonight. They chat about the video objectives for the night.

02:40Copy video clip URL B-roll of the waiters serving drinks, attendees in tuxedos and gowns sitting at various tables, the band plays on stage. B-roll of the ballroom, chandelier, the audio speaker, and waiters serving dinner food.

04:17Copy video clip URL The videographer records another song played by the band and shoots more b-roll of the environment, the Emmy Awards lined up on stage. In balloons the number 35 is formed along the back wall of the stage.

05:34Copy video clip URL Weinberg interview with Kathy Posner, nominated tonight, her third time, in the Public Service Announcement category. She tells the story of having planned the shoot with five Chicago sportscasters jumping into a swimming pool. The PSA promoted active volunteerism and “getting into the swim of things for Little City Foundation.” The night before, four of them cancelled. So, she says, she called Jerry Springer for help and Springer participated in the shoot. She notes that she is very well connected in the city. When asked how one does this, she comments that one goes to a lot of openings, talk to people. She says she’s only been in Chicago six years. She started her company three years ago and now has thirteen people working for her. She says she still gets excited at the Emmy Awards because she hasn’t won yet.

07:07Copy video clip URL Weinberg encourages Kathy to talk about a micro brew company she represents and an Oktoberfest deal they have. Weinberg tries to get her to talk about things that will be relevant for things happening in November when this episode of Chicago Slices will air. She says her birthday is in November. When asked about PR people getting a bad rap, Posner notes that PR people get a bad rap when they make things up about the clients they represent. She notes that she never misrepresents and does not publish anything about her clients that is not true. She notes that Jerry Springer is one of her TV clients.

09:15Copy video clip URL Posner continues about her business saying that she only takes one client per industry and will only take the best. The videographer comments that Chicago Slices is up for an Emmy Award in the Magazine Show category. With the videographer is Joel Cohen from Chicago Slices.

09:34Copy video clip URL Posner offers a clever description of how her company only represents one client per industry: “We have a condom client, we have bars in Division Street, we have a hotel chain and a [TV] talk show. We’re full service. So you can get drunk in Division Street, pick up a condom, get laid in a Hilton Hotel, and when you get caught by your wife go on The Jerry Springer Show and talk about it.” They record more takes of the line.

11:30Copy video clip URL Joel asks Posner if he can get into the green room of The Jerry Springer Show. Posner notes that Springer’s show is part of Multi Media Corporation, a multi-million dollar company. Posner hopes Chicago Slices wins tonight because it could mean an introduction to Multi Media Corporation.

12:52Copy video clip URL Interview Jamie Ceaser, who says she is nominated for the Golden Apple and the Image Union shows.

14:06Copy video clip URL B-roll of the printed Emmy Awards program and various pages that show the Image Union and Chicago Slices nominations.

15:25Copy video clip URL B-roll of attendees eating dessert. When asked, a woman says she is not nominated but is with someone who is. She describes the dessert as a chocolate cup with vanilla custard and fresh fruit.

16:33Copy video clip URL Another attendee from Community TV Network says he is nominated for a show about racism and one about violence in Englewood and the lack of jobs in Lawndale. They are in the Outstanding Program for Youth category. He says it’s rare shows like these make it on the air.

19:29Copy video clip URL The videographer talks with a cameraman from a local news channel about sharing footage of the event.

20:21Copy video clip URL In a back room, Weinberg takes the videographer up a spiral staircase into a studio control room. Marty Robinson does voiceover announcing the opening of the Emmy Awards. The show begins with a video highlighting the nominated works. B-roll of the production crew at work in the control room.

24:45Copy video clip URL Host Robb Weller opens the show.

24:57Copy video clip URL B-roll of the audience clapping. The show is in full swing.

25:35Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of people winning awards, walking from the stage.

26:08Copy video clip URL Very low light. Difficult to see detail. The videographer talks with a representative from one of the local news stations videotaping the awards show. The videographer is trying to get permission to use some of their footage if Chicago Slices wins.

26:45Copy video clip URL B-roll of a video playing talking about how the Emmy Awards are judged.

27:31Copy video clip URL Weinberg playfully shakes a packaged fortune cookie to his ear to learn if it foretells the fate of Chicago Slices.

27:49Copy video clip URL B-roll of award winners accepting their award.

28:07Copy video clip URL Disjointed b-roll of various winners at their tables, audience clapping, attendees receiving awards, the emcee, categories announced.

32:40Copy video clip URL The man who plays Bozo The Clown in Chicago, Joey D’Auria, presents an award. Disjointed b-roll of various winners, audience clapping, awards presented, speeches.

36:20Copy video clip URL Weinberg laughs and talks about not winning. Joel opens the fortune cookie. It reads: “You love peace.” Weinberg addresses the camera from his chair, mocks thanking the Academy for their wisdom and then tears up this Emmy Awards program.

37:38Copy video clip URL B-roll of Posner at her table as her category is announced. She does not win, but applauds a colleague who did.

38:16Copy video clip URL B-roll of various attendees getting their pictures taken, fraternizing outside of the ballroom. Mike, an editor for Chicago Slices, tells the videographer they had three nominations and lost all three.

39:38Copy video clip URL Change of location. The Chicago Slices team is at Miller’s Bar. The lighting is very low. The crew says they are appalled by the outcome of the awards. They fraternize. Weinberg goofs off with a spoon over his eye. Others around the table chat friendly in non-directional conversation.

42:30Copy video clip URL Judy Markey says to camera that it’s midnight and the crew is at Miller’s Restaurant. She goes around asking restaurant patrons where they’ve been this evening. One couple has come from a wedding.

47:19Copy video clip URL Markey and the videographer search for other subjects.

47:49Copy video clip URL They go down the bar. Very low lighting. They approach various patrons. One man says he was just married and that the bride is changing her outfit and will be here shortly. He says the wedding went well. About 250 people in attendance. He jokes that the whole wedding was free. He notes he is a special ed teacher at a private school. The honeymoon will be in Cancun.

51:15Copy video clip URL The host and the bar patrons chit chat about the show, when it will air.

52:11Copy video clip URL Markey approaches a table of four. They are with the Joffrey Ballet and have just finished a performance. They comment on what they’ve ordered: hamburger, ravioli, and steak. They talk about the show they just did, Billboards. They talk about the show, its bizarre wigs and costumes, and music by Prince. One member notes she prefers more classical music. They say November 15 they start The Nutcracker at Joffrey.

55:22Copy video clip URL They note since being in Chicago they’ve seen the Art Institute, the architecture. He notes the differences in a Chicago audience from other cities. The house is bigger making the performance seem quieter and less intimate.

56:33Copy video clip URL One member says one of his favorite cities to perform in was Portland, Oregon. The town was beautiful and green, much like his birth home in New Zealand.

57:04Copy video clip URL B-roll of the food on their table.

57:41Copy video clip URL B-roll of Weinberg and Markey discussing how Markey approaches patrons. More b-roll of the newly married man.

58:34Copy video clip URL The audio signal goes away. Random footage as the videographer wanders the bar.

59:09Copy video clip URL Markey records an intro inside the restaurant.

59:39Copy video clip URL B-roll of the bar patrons fraternizing. The videographer approaches various patrons for random conversation. One woman waves to the camera.

1:00:46Copy video clip URL Exterior, city street. Weinberg helps a driver pull his car out of a tight parking spot. Weinberg and Markey walk down the street.

01:01:43Copy video clip URL END



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