[Chicago Slices raw: Fish Tales In Oakbrook]

HYATT REGENCY in OAKBROOK: Skip Blumberg interviews with TOM CARVALHO, Sous Chef, about his job and love of food. Skip first interviewed him at L. Isaacson and Stein Fish Co., Inc

00:02Copy video clip URL Two takes of establishing shot, exterior Hyatt hotel. Videographer Skip Blumberg narrates describing the shot and location.

00:50Copy video clip URL Interior Hyatt and Anthony’s Italian Chop House & Bar, various establishing shots and b-roll of the restaurant.

01:40Copy video clip URL Interior of the kitchen. Blumberg enters kitchen and meets chef Robinson and sous chef Tom Carvalho.

02:05Copy video clip URL Blumberg follows Robinson around kitchen asking questions of Robinson and Carvalho about kitchen operations: how many employees (around 32)? What’s a sous chef? What’s happening this Fall? What’s your favorite Italian food? What’s your favorite food to cook? Videographer learns what a secondary cut is and about cooking on the fly. What do you like to eat? Blumberg talks with Carvalho about his Indian origins and dissects Indian food.

07:23Copy video clip URL Blumberg interviews Kelly Sullivan as she cuts and prepares pineapple; b-roll; Questions: Are men good cooks? Are women discriminated against in restaurants? Another cook chimes in noting that there is a lot of sex discrimination in the culinary industry.

11:15Copy video clip URL Blumberg is with another chef who is making soup.

11:39Copy video clip URL Blumberg’s partner points to the cook who spoke of sex discrimination. “Don’t put what he said on television… he did not sign a release. He does not want to be on television.”

11:52Copy video clip URL Blumberg goes back with Sullivan. “Is it hard for women to advance? Do you have the same opportunities as men?” She struggles to answer.

13:53Copy video clip URL Blumberg in office with Robinson and Carvalho discuss plans for what to shoot next.

14:25Copy video clip URL Blumberg and Carvalho in kitchen, Carvalho prepares to cook. B-roll of kitchen activity.

15:29Copy video clip URL Carvalho prepares a dish, demonstrates and explains his process.

16:23Copy video clip URL B-roll of Robinson preparing a meat dish.

17:11Copy video clip URL B-roll of kitchen, activity, a chef grinds left over bread for bread crumbs.

17:32Copy video clip URL Carvalho puts on gloves to avoid contaminating the food.

18:10Copy video clip URL Robinson talks about the qualities of being a successful managing chef: having technical skills, people skills, and financial management skills.

19:51Copy video clip URL Robinson discusses Carvalho’s forte.

20:22Copy video clip URL Carvalho prepares and cooks a shrimp dish, describes his process as he cooks.

22:27Copy video clip URL Blumberg interviews Carvalho: How did you get into cooking? Who cooks at home?

23:53Copy video clip URL Carvalho continues demonstrating how to cook his shrimp dish.

25:01Copy video clip URL Robinson prepares vegetables. B-roll. Blumberg: “I think more people are eating more vegetables now, don’t you?”

26:22Copy video clip URL B-roll of Carvalho at work preparing various dishes.

27:05 Back to Robinson continuing to prep and cook.

27:22Copy video clip URL Back to Carvalho finishing up a dish.

27:46Copy video clip URL Back to Robinson at work. Blumberg: “How much garlic do you go through a day?” (about 15-20 pounds). Robinson cooks meat while Carvalho continues preparing/cooking his shrimp dish. B-roll: shrimp on the grill.

30:50Copy video clip URL B-roll Carvalho and Robinson cooking various dishes from skillet to plate  garnished and ready to serve.

33:42Copy video clip URL Blumberg to Robinson: “Everyone talks about the races and how they don’t get along, but you seem to be getting along fine with Tommy.” Discussion on race and cultural differences in the kitchen begins.

35:00Copy video clip URL Blumberg to Robinson: “Have you had equal opportunity? Is the cooking industry dominated by whites?” Robinson continues discussing race issues.

35:58Copy video clip URL Carvalho presents his finished (Tandori) shrimp dish, completed.

37:03Copy video clip URL Carvalho discusses what Robinson has taught him: “stay calm” (when you’re in a heated kitchen).

37:51Copy video clip URL B-roll of various completed dishes.

38:02Copy video clip URL Robinson shares his philosophies on the culinary arts.

38:27Copy video clip URL Blumberg to Robinson: “You stand on your feet all day. Do you have any favorite kind of shoe?” Clogs.

39:15Copy video clip URL Carvalho shows the kind of shoe he prefers and talks about his home in India.

41:01Copy video clip URL B-roll of finished dishes. Blumberg eats Carvalho’s cooking and gives critique.

41:47Copy video clip URL Blumberg’s partner tastes the dishes.

42:15Copy video clip URL Robinson tastes the dishes and critiques. He talks about his love of food. B-roll of kitchen activity.

44:39Copy video clip URL Carvalho’s plug for the restaurant: “Come to Anthony’s!”

44:56Copy video clip URL Blumberg: “Is there some secret to life you’ve found to make you happy?” Carvalho: “I love cooking.” Carvalho and Robinson talk about secrets to happiness: do what you love and have good friends.

45:48Copy video clip URL B-roll food cooking on stove, chef at work.

46:06Copy video clip URL Blumberg and his partner exit kitchen into a lounge/bar where customers sit.

46:24Copy video clip URL Blumberg shoots himself using a public pay phone. His partner gets on and holds a conversation with someone on the other end of the line.

47:43Copy video clip URL End raw footage.



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