[Chicago Slices raw : folk singer, dogs, Skip walking train, Swap-O-Rama]

Raw footage shot for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features a variety of footage, including: Folk singer, dogs, Skip walking train, Swap-O-Rama.

00:00Copy video clip URL External footage of a brick building with scaffolding on Lake Shore Drive.

02:30Copy video clip URL Climbing down rocks at the edge of Lake Michigan.

04:20Copy video clip URL A man and woman play guitars and the woman sings a song.

13:46Copy video clip URL A group of people sit with their dogs in a park. A man rides a skateboard while his dog runs alongside him.

14:50Copy video clip URL A woman puts her infant into a stroller.

15:27Copy video clip URL The cameraman, Skip Blumberg, shows his shoes and bow tie for a later event at the Columbus Hall Grand Ballroom.

16:45Copy video clip URL B-roll shots of a slow-moving train.

23:00Copy video clip URL Approaching the Swap-O-Rama flea market on South Ashland Avenue. Once inside, we see many different booths with their various products. An elderly woman sells children’s toys. A father of two sells used women’s shoes at two pairs for a dollar.

43:00Copy video clip URL Two boys play and climb on a fence in the parking lot.

45:20Copy video clip URL A little girl welcomes us to Swap-O-Rama and talks about what she sells there. She introduces the cameraman to some other vendors she knows, including a middle-aged man named Clay who sells homemade wares.



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