[Chicago Slices raw: Girls Fast Pitch Softball #2]

14 year-old GIRLS STEELER FASTPITCH SOFTBALL: Interview with coach DON PEARSON and father of one of the players RUSSELL PEDERSEN describes how the team is organized. COURTNEY WITVLIET demonstrates her pitches. Footage from a tournament game at Centennial Park in Orland Park.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage continues from tape 14118. Steelers girls softball game continues. Players and coaches watch from bench. Cheer. Inning ends. Steelers head to bench.  B-roll of various plays, teammates watch and react.

01:00Copy video clip URL Pitcher getting spoken to by the coach. Pitcher visibly upset.

01:26Copy video clip URL Fans in stands look on. Steelers at bat. Father watches his daughter at bat.

02:26Copy video clip URL Various b-roll, Steelers on defense. Pitcher pitches, plays executed. Opposing team rallies. Steelers pitcher looks frazzled. B-roll of coach watching from bench. Various shots of opposing team at bat.

04:01Copy video clip URL END



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