[Chicago Slices raw: Gloria Linari]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." In this video, Skip Blumberg and Ahdee Friedman visit opera singer and diva Gloria Linari at her home in Highwood, IL.

00:00Copy video clip URL This video begins with footage from inside of a car on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago, IL.

00:24Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of suburban streets. There is no audio during this portion of the tape.

04:10Copy video clip URL Blumberg and Friedman arrive at Gloria Linari’s home. The three make small talk before beginning the interview.

05:25Copy video clip URL Linari shows off pictures of her new grandchild. She takes care of some things in the kitchen while speaking with Blumberg about her cooking skills. She then begins to speak about the many concert halls she has performed at all over the world.

08:04Copy video clip URL Linari takes Blumberg into her picture room and talks about some of the various pictures she’s collected of herself and others over the years. She talks about a letter she received from Joe Shuster, creator of the Superman character. Linari states that Shuster modeled the Lois Lane character after her. She goes on to talk about her career as an opera singer. Linari expresses her love for the musical “Sweeney Todd,” as well.

16:57Copy video clip URL Linari talks about the demanding aspects of working in the entertainment industry. Linari also talks about the rigors of opera singing and vocal training. She states that she was born with a lot of natural singing talent. Linari goes on to talk about her love of opera and drive to become a great singer. “All I had to do was, I had to sing well for me. I had to sing well. And if I couldn’t sing well, I couldn’t stand it… I’m not happy unless I sing well, even as old as I am now. And I hope in twenty years that I’ll still be singing as well as I sing now.”

20:00Copy video clip URL Linari talks her work as a vocal instructor. She goes over some different techniques and exercises she teaches her students. She also talks about some of the vocal troubles she’s had over the years. Linari saw numerous doctors about some of the vocal problems she had earlier in her career, and eventually found out that she had some sort of allergy. Once that was taken care of, Linari never had a problem again.

24:32Copy video clip URL Linari shows Blumberg her “Madame Butterfly” costume. She talks about the highly detailed craftsmanship of the costume. This lasts for several minutes.

29:30Copy video clip URL Blumberg gets a shot of a statue of Linari’s father. Linari then makes her way over to her living room and shows off some of her worldly decor.

30:51Copy video clip URL Blumberg asks Linari if she listens to hip hop music. Linari states that she tries to listen to all kinds of music, including hip hop. She then takes her best shot at rapping. Linari and Friedman then spend a little more time in the living room. Blumberg eventually asks Linari about how her opera career was affected by having a child. She talks about taking her child to Europe for a number of productions. Linari states that she stopped traveling because of an arrest in Yugoslavia during a tour of Europe. Apparently, another person who was a part of one of the productions used her daughter to help mail out anti-government letters to the Yugoslavian government. She goes on to talk about her political affiliations, stating  that she is a Democrat.

38:56Copy video clip URL Linari talks about a memorable performance in Bucharest, Romania. She recalls receiving 60-70 bouquets for the performance. She goes on to say she quit singing because of the arrest. Linari states that her career has always been second to her family. She goes on to talk about her current work as a pool accessories saleswoman. The tape ends shortly afterward.

46:43Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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