[Chicago Slices raw : sheet metal – Goodman Theater]

Raw footage shot for the TV series Chicago Slices. This tape features an interview with CEO of Wooddah Sheet Metal Pat Biedar, followed by an interview with David Cale at Goodman Theater.

00:00Copy video clip URL After walking through a warehouse area, we enter the office of Patricia Biedar, the CEO of Wooddale Sheet Metal. She talks about her and her husband’s roles within the company. Previously, Pat had been interested in starting her own travel agency. She ended up working her way up in the sheet metal business instead. Her husband passed away in 1986 and Pat is now in charge. She talks about challenges and difficult choices that she had to make when she became responsible for the company.

17:20Copy video clip URL Pat starts a tour of the business, starting with the foyer, which has framed certificates on the walls. The tour continues through other offices and workstations, and into the shop, where we see how the sheet metal parts are made. Then Pat leads the way into the quality room, where the quality management team is located. Then Pat talks more about her story and background, and the success of the company.

01:01:04Copy video clip URL Some external shots of the company’s building.

01:01:26Copy video clip URL A new segment begins. David Cale is reciting a monologue in a high-pitched character voice.

01:08:20Copy video clip URL David recites another monologue.

01:11:14Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy introduces herself and then takes us into the Goodman Theater to meet David Cale. They discuss his past, present, and future work.

1:22:25Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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