[Chicago Slices raw : Gordon Walek review #16]

Gordon Walek review #16

00:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg discusses the shoot with Gordon Walek while the crew sets up before the review.

00:54Copy video clip URL Shot of a television monitor, with a Chicago Slices episode playing (“Compu-Erotica” segment).

01:45Copy video clip URL Gordon Walek begins to review the Chicago Slices episode, asserting the point that this television show reveals lives that we would otherwise not see on TV.

02:50Copy video clip URL Walek begins his review again, listing some positive and negative points of the show.

04:10Copy video clip URL Another take of the review of Chicago Slices. Walek more concisely lists the strengths and weaknesses of this episode and of Chicago Slices in general.

5:40Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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