[Chicago Slices raw: Gordon Walek Review For Show #3]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series about everyday life in Chicago. In this video, executive producer Tom Weinberg talks with Gordon Walek, who offers an instant review for episode #3 of the show as they watch clips on the television.

00:00Copy video clip URL Chicago Slices episode #3 is played on a monitor in the Gordon Walek’s house on the Northwest side.

03:05Copy video clip URL Gordon Walek comments on the episode, saying that the Bonaduce segment was “crisp,” as well as the segment about the poet, but admits that he didn’t get much out of the Kennedy women segment or the “What the El” segment. He goes on to say that as far as the entire series goes, the show gives a good sense of Chicago as a unique place.

05:28Copy video clip URL Take two, followed by more conversation with executive producer Tom Weinberg, who talks about how they get people to participate in the show.

08:40Copy video clip URL Walek comments on the Danny Bonaduce segment, saying that it was “crisp” and “informative” and then goes on to comment on the Yogi the cab driver segment, saying that he hoped to see what else was in his cab, but otherwise very good.

10:55Copy video clip URL They also talk together about sponsors who have bought ads on the show, and then go to talk about Brigid Murphy and the segment on Marc Smith’s poetry slams at The Green Mill.

13:05Copy video clip URL Walek says that he’d hoped to learn more about watermelon, as he watches a scene of the watermelon sales on the streets of the west side of Chicago.

14:40Copy video clip URL While watching it, he says that “Kennedy Women” has a great concept, but that he lost interest quickly, and would like to follow them home. Videomaker Doug Sawyer jokes that we’re “trying to cut down on the stalking.”

18:25Copy video clip URL Walek is asked, “Is it OK to use you on TV?” and Weinberg adds, “I think it works” referring to whether the commentary should be a regular segment on the show.

19:30Copy video clip URL They watch “Here’s My Story,” about Lisa who moved to Maywood, Illinois from California, but Walek does not find this interesting. Weinberg agrees, saying that they took it because it was the very first call they got. Walek goes on to talk about the “What the El” segment, which he’s afraid will fall into a routine and will get less interesting.

22:12Copy video clip URL The two discuss the role of repetition on television, saying that people expect a certain degree of repetition. The question after that becomes, “What’s the next level?”

26:40Copy video clip URL Walek compares this show to “Wild Chicago,” which he claims didn’t work because it was only about places, whereas Chicago Slices has room for a lot more variety and creativity.

28:32Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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