[Chicago Slices raw: Hank De Zutter]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series about everyday life in Chicago. In this video, Hank De Zutter reads passages from his book, "Who Says a Dog Goes Bow-Wow?" along with help from third graders at The Chicago Language Academy. The children sing songs written for the book while dressed in traditional outfits from various countries around the world. This is followed by several short interviews with people at a street fair, who respond to the question, "What's your favorite book?"

00:00Copy video clip URL Author Bob Greene speaks to a crowd, answering questions.

03:20Copy video clip URL Hank De Zutter takes the microphone, and invites the third graders from The Chicago Language Academy to take the stage, asking for their enthusiasm and participation. He introduces his assistants, Maggie Mooha, the music teacher at the school and his daughter, Amanda De Zutter, who inspired the book and will conduct the choir.

09:00Copy video clip URL De Zutter starts his “teaching” with a question, “Who Says a Dog Goes Bow Wow?” The children are dressed in traditional outfits from various countries and are each holding a sign with the country name that they represent. Each child says what the dog says in that country. De Zutter tells the story, “Who Says the Dog Goes Bow Wow?”

16:58Copy video clip URL The children sing the song, “Who Says a Dog Goes Bow Wow?”

18:25Copy video clip URL De Zutter continues reading the book and then the children sing another song, set to the tune of Strauss’ “Blue Danube Waltz.”

20:52Copy video clip URL De Zutter continues reading the book, and then the children sing another song, this time about rooster sounds, set to the tune of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

23:22Copy video clip URL De Zutter continues his performance, as they speculate about the sounds that pigs make in various countries. They continue with other sounds, such as pig sounds, sneezing, and popping a balloon. De Zutter demonstrates by popping balloons.

30:30Copy video clip URL De Zutter continues reading the book, which says that laughing is a universal sound.

31:30Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to the end, the audience claps and the children sing the “Who Says a Dog Goes Bow Wow?” another time.

33:50Copy video clip URL Outside, walking through a street book fair, videomaker Doug Sawyer asks a passerby, Chuck Miller, “What’s your favorite book?” He says the last book he read was “Shampoo Planet.”

36:04Copy video clip URL Loretta Lombardi says she loves Nelson DeMille’s books.

37:20Copy video clip URL Ann Buckman says her favorite book is “The Brothers Karamozov.”

38:11Copy video clip URL Ellen Reese responds, “Gone with the Wind.”

38:45Copy video clip URL Jasmine Blaise says the last good book she read was “The Kitchen God’s Wife” by Amy Tan.

39:25Copy video clip URL Percy Halbrut says his favorite book is “Waiting to Exhale” and his favorite author is Richard Wright.

41:00Copy video clip URL Dawn Smith says “Bridges of Madison County” is her current favorite book.

41:35Copy video clip URL Edwin Strangebee says that “The Anatomy of Melancholy” by Robert Burton is the best book because “if you read that, you never need to read anything else.” He calls his second favorite book “The Book of the Dead” about Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. He goes on to talk about the derivation of his name.

44:59Copy video clip URL Emerson Nagel and her husband, Bob, say they like “Guide to Gardening” and “Skull on the Skin” by P. James.

45:50Copy video clip URL Bruce and Nancy Green, along with their kids Ellen and Lincoln, report about the kids’ favorite books, “Who Am I?” and “Who Says the Dog Goes Bow Wow?”

47:45Copy video clip URL Chad Munger and Lisa Goldsand avoid the question by holding up the books they happen to have in their hands at the moment. Goldsand says she’s a lawyer at the state’s attorney’s office.

49:07Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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