[Chicago Slices raw : Harold Washington library]

Raw footage shot for the TV series Chicago Slices. This tape takes a look at the Chicago Public Library Information Service at the Harold Washington Branch of Chicago Library.

00:00Copy video clip URL Wendy Miller from Chicago Slices introduces her segment about the Chicago Public Library Information Service, which allows residents to ask reference librarians to research information for them.

01:10Copy video clip URL Wendy talks to the head of the information center, Paula, who explains the concept. She shows Wendy some of the information books, including the Baseball Encyclopedia, where she looks up the batting average of Pete Rose. She talks about some strange calls she’s received. She explains more about the information center, its resources, and the employees that work there.

11:00Copy video clip URL Paula looks up information on Bigfoot per Wendy’s request. They then look up contact information for Oprah Winfrey.

18:50Copy video clip URL An employee provides a caller with some information about a business’s location. Other employees are shown speaking with callers who have questions. Wendy calls one employee and asks him to look up the primary export of Peru.

21:20Copy video clip URL Wendy asks an employee about frustrating callers. He starts to answer, but then the phone rings.

23:45Copy video clip URL More phone calls to Information Center employees.

25:00Copy video clip URL Wendy tries helping a caller herself. They ask about the origin and significance of the Spanish name Herenita. She is not able to find the information for the caller, so she transfers her to the Social Science department. The head of the center provides more information regarding hours and phone numbers.

36:25Copy video clip URL Wendy returns to the employee from earlier in the video, a man named John, to talk about frustrating or strange callers, and his background and plans for the future.

40:25Copy video clip URL An employee looks up information on the Chicago Emmys. Another employee happens to get a question about Chicago Slices while Wendy is there.

43:30Copy video clip URL Wendy wraps up the segment.

45:52Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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