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Joe Cummings visits Helena Heffel's horse farm in Marengo, IL. He learns generally about horses and horse farms. This farm has a special facility for exercising horses in water.

0:00Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings follows Helena Heffel into her ranch house. Heffel speaks briefly with the videographer while Cummings fixes something outside. Once they’re all inside Heffel talks about some of the problems that people complain about and how these problems are usually their own fault. Some examples of this that she keeps coming back to are properly fitting bits and saddles and how if they don’t fit properly the horse will tell you by either shaking their heads or bucking, ¬†which is them trying to tell you that they’re hurting. She talks about how she got the horse skeleton that she’s demonstrating with and how the longevity of horses is increased tremendously when you take care of them properly.

8:30Copy video clip URL They move into a barn and Heffel starts showing some of the different horses and the stories behind them. There are several racehorses that are currently on rest. Cummings recognizes one of the stablehands from another farm that he apparently visited while a mare was taken to stud. The hands name is Leroy Kent. Cummings, Heffel, and the videographer leave the barn and go out to a paddock where Rebecca, another of Heffel’s hands, is just taking one of the horses out. Cummings talks about his bad experiences riding horses while Heffel says that he just hasn’t found the right horse to teach him how to ride yet. Heffel talks about some of the different kinds of work they do at their farm including breeding and rehabilitating.

20:27Copy video clip URL Fade out and in to Heffel and Cummings back in the barn. Heffel can be heard saying that they’re going to visit another of their horses in another paddock.

21:07Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Heffel petting a horse, presumably the one previously mentioned. Heffel says that this horse recently underwent surgery and that she’s at the farm to get better, she mentions an Aquaciser. She talks about all the different people who work at the farm, 6 during the season and 4 in the off-season. Rebecca comes into the shot and pets the horse, she comments that the horse’s tongue feels gross. Heffel asks if they would like to see the Aquaciser and then starts walking there.

23:15Copy video clip URL Rebecca goes to get a horse while the rest of the group goes into the Aquaciser room through the horse entrance. Heffel begins talking about the equipment and how they’ve purchased a newer model that keeps the water cleaner and warmer. Cummings asks what the machine is and what it does. Heffel explains that it is a circulating water tank that helps exercise some of the horses. Cummings compares it to a treadmill to which Heffel agrees. Rebecca returns with a 2-year old horse and Heffel begins cleaning out the hoofs so that the machine doesn’t get too much junk in it. She begins the Aquaciser and chats with Cummings and Doug, the videographer, for a bit while it fills up. Heffel starts the treadmill before the tub is completely filled with water just to show it works. Doug asks about horse sense. Eventually, Heffel drains the tank and lets the horse out to pasture. Cummings holds the lead for the horse, Rosie, as she exits towards her stall instead of the pasture.

45:17Copy video clip URL Cut to exterior shot of several thoroughbred and standardbred broodmares in a paddock. Heffel talks about some of the horses and notes their state of pregnancy. Doug, the videographer, wonders at the small number of people taking care of all of these horses at which time Heffel talks about some of the technology that helps them out including TV cameras and foal alarms which are harnesses that let Heffel know when the horse might be about to give birth. They chat about the different horses in the paddock. She likes to be called an equine therapist and subsequently Cummings and Doug get ready to leave the farm. They get a few closing shots and permission from all involved to be on TV. Doug films some of the different animals in the barn. Doug gets a closing shot of all the people on the farm. Heffel’s son talks with the camera after coming back from school.

1:01:43Copy video clip URL Cut to an exterior shot of a water tower presumably outside the area of the farm but still in Marengo, IL. Doug shoots out the window while they drive. Video cuts out soon after.

1:02:29Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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