[Chicago Slices raw: House O’Matics #1]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." Camcorder Correspondent Brigid Murphy attends a House O'Matics dance crew performance in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Open on numerous members of the House O’Matics dance crew performing for an audience, presumably during a neighborhood block party. Spastic dance music plays through a pair of loudspeakers on the sidewalk as the dancers smoke through an energetic performance. Correspondent Brigid Murphy briefly speaks with one of the dancers. The camera operator gathers footage from around the area. This lasts for several minutes.

06:44Copy video clip URL House O’Matics President Ronny Sloan coaches the dancers and formulates their performance from the sidelines. The dance crew performs for the crowd once again.

15:13Copy video clip URL A few audience members jump out into the street and begin to perform with the dance crew. Each dancer gets to perform solo for the crowd before joining back together for a finale. Several children also take part in the dancing. This lasts for several minutes.

22:40Copy video clip URL The videomaker gathers a few takes of Murphy introducing the segment. This lasts for several minutes.

26:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the House O’Matics posing for a picture with Hip Hop star Ice Cube. It sits on a desk cluttered with a slew of trophies that dance crew has collected over the years.

27:17Copy video clip URL Murphy speaks with Sloan about the history of the House O’Matics. He talks about the recruiting and audition process and the numerous awards the dance crew has received. Every year, Sloan throws a banquet and award ceremony for the dancers and their families.

29:54Copy video clip URL Sloan talks about leaving the stage and taking more of a leadership role within the dance crew. He goes on to talk about the choreography and music production that goes into their performances. This lasts for several minutes.

32:38Copy video clip URL The camera operator gathers footage of the dance crew applauding for the camera. He then continues to gather more footage from inside the house and around the event. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

34:09Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



  1. Do you have anymore video on Chicago dance groups?

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