[Chicago Slices raw: House O’Matics #2]

This video features raw footage of the "House O'Matics" a dance group performing on the streets in Chicago. Brigid Murphy interviews Ronnie Sloan, president of "House O'Matics." Shot for "Chicago Slices," a television series about life in and around Chicago.

0:00Copy video clip URL Footage inside a house, including a cat named Mimi.

02:30Copy video clip URL Outside the house, the crew prepares for taping the “House O’Matics” dance group. Cut to a shot of the trophies awarded to the group inside the house.

03:46Copy video clip URL Back in the front yard, a large sound system blasts dance music from the sidewalk as the group gets warmed up to perform in the street.

05:00Copy video clip URL Four girls do a dance routine in the street in front of the house.

06:00Copy video clip URL A group of young men in green and orange outfits joins them in the street for a high energy, quick paced dance. The ladies soon clear out and the three guys do their own dance.

07:49Copy video clip URL Music stops as the group prepares for another dance.

08:55Copy video clip URL Group member Tasha explains that they chose Miami outfits for the bright colors.

12:10Copy video clip URL The girls join a group of 6 guys for a brief dance, then the leave and the guys do their “House O’Matic” dance.

17:10Copy video clip URL They repeat the performance as a crowd gathers around. This time the camera angle is further back and up above from the porch. This performance extends longer than previous versions, alternating between the girls and the guys performing.

24:30Copy video clip URL The camera comes down to street level as individual dancers do “solos,” including adults and children from the crowd joining in the fun.

26:40Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy enjoys the performance from the sidewalk.

29:35Copy video clip URL A group of kids watching from the sidewalk takes over and does a routine of their own.

31:55Copy video clip URL Back in the house, Murphy talks with Sloan, the leader of the group, as they prepare for the interview. They tell the group about Chicago Slices, noting that it’s a new show on WPWR airiing on Sunday nights.

35:15Copy video clip URL On the porch, the camera is set down and music played into the camera for audio only. This occurs until the end of the tape.

46:56Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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