[Chicago Slices raw: Interviews With Chicago People]

ANDREW JONES interviews a mail woman about the hazards of her job. Then Andrew interviews PERCY FAIR, a man who sells sno-cones out of his front yard. Then visits Krivoy, a store where Andrew interviews CYNTHIA HADESMAN who showcases the more eccentric hats. Finally Andrew interviews the executive chef at Chicago Caterers.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videographer Andrew Jones interviews Theresa Christopher, Registrar at DuSable Museum of African American History. She discusses the museum, African American history in Chicago, and DuSable’s contribution to Chicago history.

01:12Copy video clip URL Theresa discusses what the museum means to her personally.

02:31Copy video clip URL B-roll of museum, guests view artwork.

02:49Copy video clip URL Theresa discusses former Mayor Harold Washington and his significance to Chicago.

03:41Copy video clip URL Interview with a patron who discusses why this is her favorite gallery, what guests can expect from the museum, and why the museum is important for Chicago.

06:31Copy video clip URL Several shots of historic early- and mid-20th century wartime photos of African American soldiers, civilians, children, athletes.

08:08Copy video clip URL B-roll of visitors walking around the museum.

08:22Copy video clip URL Shot of a bust of DuSable

08:43Copy video clip URL Shot of still photo plus b-roll  of a woman and her children viewing the exhibits.

09:33Copy video clip URL Exterior b-roll of children playing in a playground

11:35Copy video clip URL Interior of Mellow Yellow restaurant in Hyde Park, Chicago (1508 E. 53rd Street), tour of the kitchen, interview with an employee about the restaurant.

12:55Copy video clip URL B-roll of chefs working in the kitchen.

15:20Copy video clip URL Street interview with Mary Miller, postal carrier. She talks about experiences as a carrier, encounters with dogs, why she became a postal employee, and what it takes to be a good carrier.

17:50Copy video clip URL Street interview with Percy Fair at his snow cone stand. He talks about his business, the secret to a good snow cone. Andrew orders a snow cone and records the process of filling his order.

21:22Copy video clip URL Static and video drop outs.

21:39Copy video clip URL Cynthia Hadesman gives a tour of her hat and clothing shop, Krivoy, in Lincoln Park. She models the hats she makes.

23:19Copy video clip URL Video glitch. Static and drop outs.

23:28Copy video clip URL Cynthia explains how hats are made or “blocked,” how she started making hats, the art and craft of millinery, and offers advice for hat shoppers.

28:40Copy video clip URL Cynthia and Carol model hats for camera.

30:12Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of shop and hats.

30:22Copy video clip URL More modeling of hats and their descriptions.

33:50Copy video clip URL Footage and interview with customer purchasing a hat.

34:27Copy video clip URL Drop outs in tape.

34:28Copy video clip URL Cynthia and Jenny model and describe more original hats produced in the shop.

38:14Copy video clip URL Camera follows Cynthia into her workshop where she and Leanna create and construct. Cynthia demonstrates and discusses the process.

39:36Copy video clip URL Cynthia walks into workshop and talks about how a hat is made.

40:35Copy video clip URL B-roll of the workshop.

40:45Copy video clip URL Back to Cynthia talking and demonstrating how hats are made.

41:27Copy video clip URL Cynthia talks about living her dream, and her best moment in creating hats.

42:01Copy video clip URL Glitch in tape. Starts and stops again, Cynthia continues talking about living her dream.

43:10Copy video clip URL Digitizing of tape stops and starts. Cynthia continues talking about living her dream.

46:35Copy video clip URL Cynthia describes her passion for hats and the future of hats.

48:25Copy video clip URL Camera follows Cynthia into the shop, shot of dogs.

49:16Copy video clip URL Cynthia shares why she opened her own shop.

50:39Copy video clip URL B-roll of Cynthia in workshop constructing a hat.

52:08Copy video clip URL Cynthia talks about why she likes self-employment.

53:13Copy video clip URL Footage of a customer (Madelaine Rabb) buying a hat.

54:39Copy video clip URL Exterior b-roll of Krivoy shop; various b-roll of window displays.

55:46Copy video clip URL Camera in car with Carol talking about the neighborhood.

56:17Copy video clip URL Interior kitchen at Chicago Caterers with the executive chef (unidentified) talking about the business, why he became a chef, why he loves cooking. He gives tour of the kitchen, bakery area, points out the desserts being made.

59:33Copy video clip URL B-roll of Kevin the baker at work.

59:50Copy video clip URL Continue tour of kitchen and shots of kitchen activity.

01:01:24Copy video clip URL Chef shares his secret to good cooking: taste and presentation.

01:01:44Copy video clip URL End tape.



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