[Chicago Slices raw : Joe Cummings at Maywood race track]

Raw footage shot for the series Chicago Slices. In this tape, Joe Cummings visits Maywood Race Track, sees a few races, and visits a few horses in their stables. He is there with an owner which gives him special access to different places around the track.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from outside a Jewel Osco. Joe Cummings exits and we follow him as he goes to the Maywood race track and talks to a security guard who watches Chicago Slices about the show.

02:20Copy video clip URL Horses trot around the track before a race. The horses have chariot type attachments on them with their jockeys sitting there. Cummings walks with an as yet unidentified man who may be a jockey around the track to a barn near the back.

04:00Copy video clip URL Joe walks through the barn, learning about the horses at the track. He feeds apples to the horses, and then goes to see all of the equipment used for the races.

9:21Copy video clip URL Fade out and then back in. Video continues directly after where it cut off. Cummings talks with an “infamous” trainer who is watering the horses. The videographer, Doug Sawyer, talks with the man that Cummings was talking with previously who explains the difference between Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Pacers, and Trotters.

21:30Copy video clip URL Out on the race track, a few horses are doing practice laps. Cummings talks to the camera about betting on a horse. An owner talks to the camera for a bit. The sound gets spotty near the end of this section.

29:00Copy video clip URL Horses round the track as the race begins. Afterwards, the discussion of bets continues. Then, more races.

41:13Copy video clip URL Digitizing stops then starts up again. There are more races and chatting among the people in the box. Cummings descends to the track with the owner and the camera where the owner talks with them for quite some time while they walk around the track towards the barns.

54:29Copy video clip URL There is more footage of the horses in the barn and Cummings feeds carrots to a few different horses.

1:02:49Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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