[Chicago Slices raw : Kevin Matthews interviews John/Jyneen Simms]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. In this tape, female impersonator John "Jyneen" Simms and other exotic dancers are interviewed by Kevin Matthews on WLUP-FM, "The Loop."

00:00Copy video clip URL Jan, a self-proclaimed “chubby stripper” introduces herself, as does Janeen (“or John,” a female impersonator), Samantha, and Liza. They dance at Sultan’s Delight in Niles. They talk about hair styling, and their individual talents as exotic dancers.

12:00Copy video clip URL The dancers enter a recording studio at WLUP-FM “The Loop” and start talking with the disc jockey, Kevin Matthews. Janeen talks about having breast implants as a man. Jan tells about her comedy stripping routine, and her appearance on the television show America’s Funniest People. Liza talks about being a belly dancer. Samantha talks about her exotic dancing as well. Then Jan starts taking off layers of her clothing and dancing for one of the radio station’s employees. That same employee then shares a banana with Janeen during a commercial break.

21:45Copy video clip URL After the radio segment, the exotic dancers return to the waiting room area. They listen to the radio as the DJ continues talking about them. Samantha is then invited back into the studio, and the cameraman is told to wait outside.

28:51Copy video clip URL A radio employee asks Samantha to be his date to a Halloween party. Then during another commercial break, Samantha dances and takes off her clothes.

34:00Copy video clip URL The dancers pose for photos with the radio station employees, then they talk about their radio experience.

42:30Copy video clip URL The dancers get into the building’s elevator and talk more about their interview. Then they walk out and say goodbye to each other. Jan takes off some of her clothes for an employee named Mike. The dancers give their business cards to some other men in the lobby.

48:38Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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