[Chicago Slices raw: Lincoln Park Skaters, Gloria Linari]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." Videomakers Skip Blumberg and Ahdee Goldberg speak with a rollerblader and his friend in the Lincoln Park/Old Town area of Chicago. They also visit opera singer Gloria Linari at her home in Highwood, IL. Linari talks about her work and performs a few pieces for the camera.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage of an “Impeach Clinton” sticker on the back of a car. Blumberg and Goldberg drive down Clark Street in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago.

01:05Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a man named Tom Mason and a friend near North Avenue Beach. Mason is currently trying to brush up on his rollerblading skills.

02:24Copy video clip URL Mason does an imitation of an Indian man and states that he works as a car salesman. The four make a little conversation. Goldberg finds out that she’s friends with Mason’s younger sister. This lasts for several minutes.

06:16Copy video clip URL Mason does a mock commercial for Bob Rohrman’s Toyota Wesmont. He goes on to talk about buying a new pair of roller blades. The four eventually begin to make their way towards the beach. This lasts for several minutes.

09:02Copy video clip URL Mason does his best impression of Chinese and Caucasian customers that come into his car dealership. He also talks about his work in more detail. This lasts for several minutes.

11:25Copy video clip URL Mason explains that he just moved to Chicago after being kicked out of his parents’ house. He is twenty-six years old. The four eventually arrive at the beach. He then tries to do his best impression of a New Yorker, but quickly turns it into a New England impression. He goes on to say that Indian people are the best negotiators in the world. Mason also talks about his work at the car dealership in more detail. Blumberg gets a shot of the John Hancock Tower and skyline from North Avenue Beach. This lasts for several minutes.

19:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Gloria Linari in front of her piano at her home. Linari goes over a vocal healing technique with Blumberg. She performs other various exercises as well. This lasts for several minutes.

23:58Copy video clip URL Linari shows Blumberg a few vocal anatomy diagrams. She then performs a few songs for Blumberg, including “Santa Lucia.”

31:07Copy video clip URL Blumberg asks Linari about the emotion in her singing. Linari states, “We live and we try with all of our hearts for any kind of an artist to paint with our voices. In other words, I have a completely different color when I sing this with warmth and love about my beloved momma.” Linari continues to play through a few pieces and talks about the process of finding a specific color of her voice for a certain piece.

34:10Copy video clip URL Linari tells a short story about her vocal instructor. She goes on to talk about her work in television and her strong critique of her singing. Linari was once offered a contract from Twentieth Century Fox. This lasts for several minutes.

40:59Copy video clip URL Linari talks about her emotions and how they affect her singing. She then quickly moves on to sing the piece “Santa Lucia.”

45:00Copy video clip URL Linari briefly talks about her Italian heritage. She then talks about the town of Highwood, IL, where she and her husband currently reside. She goes on to talk about entering high school at eleven years old.

47:31Copy video clip URL Linari states that she doesn’t drink or smoke due to her singing. She goes on to say, “I have no minor vices, only major ones.” The camera then fades out.

48:14Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Linari on her living room couch with her dog, Suki. Linari talks about her two dogs. Linari eventually takes Suki outside.

50:24Copy video clip URL When asked about her good nature, Linari states, “I am a happy individual. I am one of those people that does not enjoy being sad, but when I do get sad then I go way down, and I can be very depressed sometimes but that doesn’t last long.” When asked what keeps her going, Linari states, “I love my little corner of the earth. I think probably the best thing that keeps me going is the fact that I like everything I have to do, and I don’t know which came first: that I have to do it or that I like it, but I find that that is my philosophy of life: If you like what you have to do, you do it better and you enjoy it and you never miss a ripple.” Linari goes on to talk about her love of bargain shopping.

52:18Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a painting of Linari by a Romanian artist. Blumberg gets¬† more footage of Linari’s home decor. Linari goes on to talk about her relationship to the feminist movement. “I think I am not a feminist because I really and truly don’t think that we should try to be better than men because we were always their bosses and I’d rather just stay my husband’s boss than to be better than he is.” She goes on to promote equal rights for women and gives her opinion on women construction workers. “If they have good backs, God bless them.”

55:30Copy video clip URL Linari is asked if she ever experienced any discrimination in the opera, but her answer gets cut off.

55:48Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Linari playing piano and singing a piece from “Madame Butterfly” in her home. This lasts for several minutes.

01:01:25Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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