[Chicago Slices raw: Lisa Ely]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series documenting life in and around Chicago. In this video, we meet Lisa Ely and her cats, Kitty and Nikki, in her apartment. In her interview with Tobi Johnson, Lisa claims that her cat, Kitty, sings the Mickey Mouse theme song and "barks" and has Kitty demonstrate these talents.

00:00Copy video clip URL Answering machine playbacks from the Chicago Slices machine.

02:11Copy video clip URL Cut to shot of Lisa Ely’s home. Ely and Tobi Johnson chat and then Ely brushes the cat. She tells the story of how the cat was born in her closet in her old apartment.

08:55Copy video clip URL Ely begins her introductions by talking about her cats, Nikki and Kitty. She claims that Kitty sings the Mickey Mouse song, and that she’ll have her do it, but has it on tape in case she won’t perform. She says they talk a lot, because they follow after her. She says that she wasn’t a “cat person” before and that she likes these cats in particular but not all cats. She also says that when they get in trouble, one cat will run away while the other stays so she always knows who is responsible for making a mess.

13:45Copy video clip URL Ely shows a photo album of the cats and talks about their personalities. She shows pictures of them in various costumes and amusing poses. She approaches Kitty in an attempt to get her to “sing.” She says that she often “can’t shut them up.”

17:50Copy video clip URL Ely sings the Mickey Mouse theme song, pausing for Kitty to meow at certain points. She works on getting her to bark, then goes back to the Mickey Mouse song. They decide to record them singing again, with the camera on Kitty. She tries to get her to bark again, but Kitty is uncooperative.

24:02Copy video clip URL They sing the Mickey Mouse song again.

28:40Copy video clip URL Ely introduces herself and explains that her cat barks and sings. She talks about how cats mimic one’s tone of voice. She says she believes that her cats understand her, and claims that most animal owners probably feel the same way. She talks about how she disciplined the cats and tells how her father taught her to relate to animals.

36:45Copy video clip URL Ely hears the cat getting into something and goes to investigate. She questions Kitty and goes into a conversation with the cat and then continues to try getting her to bark. She then sings Christmas songs with Kitty, who seems to be even less cooperative.

42:45Copy video clip URL Kitty finally gives a few small “barks” back at Lisa.

45:27Copy video clip URL Lisa pulls a piece of shrimp out of a tupperware container, holding it above her head for a while before finally letting her eat it.

48:00Copy video clip URL She explains the process of how she got the cats to understand her, noting that she began meowing to them, then combined it with English, and then spoke English all the time.

51:22Copy video clip URL She gets the audio tape of her and her cat demonstrating the “barking.” She says that her boyfriend doesn’t like her cats. She closes by saying that she hopes that people don’t think she’s crazy and that she enjoys having pets because they are good company and don’t talk back.

55:50Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Lisa Ely says:

    I need this copy!! this is me..and my late cat, who died at 18 years old. WOW….20 years ago!

  2. Lisa Ely says:

    I received the DVD!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! They finally got it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YvLdXqx7Bc

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