[Chicago Slices raw: Coctails, Male Cheerleaders, Female Football Player]

MATT JOHNSON: U of I male cheerleaders throw girls into the air at North Avenue Beach. Here's My Story. KIM TYRCHA, Minooka female football player. Here's My Story.

0:00Copy video clip URL Four men in suits are jumping and playing in the waves at a beach. They come out of the water and explain that they are doing a photo shoot for their band, the Coctails. Archer Prewitt, Mark Greenberg, John Upchurch, and Barry Phipps talk about their band’s minor local fame, saying they regularly play shows at the Lounge Ax and are about to play Lollapalooza in St. Louis.

05:14Copy video clip URL Former varsity cheerleaders are at North Avenue Beach practicing and warming up. The male cheerleaders throw the females in the air and they balance on their shoulders.

25:00Copy video clip URL Kim Terscher, 16, tells Chicago Slices her story of playing football as a girl at Minooka High School. She says she enjoys the aggression and tackling. She was raised around boys and was never interested in Barbies or other traditional girls’ toys. As a wide receiver, she loves the feeling she gets when she scores a touchdown.

35:44Copy video clip URL End of tape.




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