[Chicago Slices raw : Marc Smith]

Raw footage for Chicago Slices, featuring Marc Smith, founder of the Poetry Slam, at the Green Mill. Brigid Murphy interviews Smith inside the Green Mill, followed by Smith performing two poems.

00:00Copy video clip URL Shot of “The Green Mill” lighted sign.

00:24Copy video clip URL Brigid Murphy stands on the sidewalk outside the Green Mill and introduces Uptown as the “Showgirl Capital of Chicago” and does several takes.

03:53Copy video clip URL Inside the Green Mill, Marc Smith fiddles around on the piano.

05:12Copy video clip URL Brigid joins Marc on the piano bench and joke about Brigid’s beginnings at The Green Mill. She introduces Marc and the Poetry Slam, and asks why he started doing them.

06:50Copy video clip URL Smith responds that he started because he hated his work in construction, which he had done for 10 years. He explains that he has written poetry since he was 19, and that he really found his niche when he brought his poetry to the stage.

08:20Copy video clip URL Murphy notes that poetry slams have popped up all over the country as a result of what Smith started in Chicago. They further discuss the distinct style of Chicago poetry performance.

10:10Copy video clip URL Smith explains how the poetry slams on Sunday nights work at The Green Mill. He jokingly calls it “controlled anarchy.” He continues joking around, but then explains that the poetry slam has enriched many lives and changed many people in positive ways, while also being fun. Murphy calls it a great thing and says it’s the only place she feels a sense of community in Chicago.

13:37Copy video clip URL Smith starts reciting a poem while still seated at the piano bench, and then stands up as he continues his performance.

17:40Copy video clip URL Smith finishes his performance and Murphy wraps up the segment.

18:52Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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