[Chicago Slices raw : masons on scaffold]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features masons repairing an 18-story building.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage relates to subject matter shot on tape 14145. A CTA bus stop, with people loading and unloading.

00:27Copy video clip URL Ahdee Goldberg and the videographer, Skip Blumberg, are driving along Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, as videographer shoots of various apartment buildings and architecture. B-roll of scaffold up high against a building.

01:40Copy video clip URL Blumberg whistles at mason workers to get their attention. They are on scaffolding several stories up on the side of a building.

02:19Copy video clip URL B-roll of the scaffold from the ground looking up.

03:50Copy video clip URL Various shots of the scaffold descending. One mason uses his leg to push the scaffold away from the building to avoid hitting a window air condition unit.

05:35Copy video clip URL George, a laborer, describes his union job. He says the men on the scaffold are named Mike and Doyle. Continued b-roll of the scaffold descending. When it’s close to the ground the crew help guide the landing.

07:45Copy video clip URL Blumberg talks to one of the mason workers.

08:11Copy video clip URL B-roll of the videographer looking over and signing an indemnity agreement as he prepares to ride the scaffold. It is dated October 4, 1993. Blumberg climbs into a safety harness.

09:40Copy video clip URL Two of the crew discuss the work to be done near the top of the building. Others prepare for the hoist, attaching safety harnesses.

11:00Copy video clip URL When asked if he is going up, a foreman laughs and says he only goes up on occasion to inspect. Blumberg notes he’s a little nervous and jokes that he saw an astrologist who assured him today was a safe day to go up. He receives instructions and advice from the foreman about going up then¬†gets strapped onto the scaffold.

12:29Copy video clip URL The crew raises the scaffold using their feet against the building and ropes to guide the rise.

13:55Copy video clip URL Mike, the Irish mason, instructs Blumberg on using a hand device to help the scaffold rise. There is a great view of the lake as they go up.

15:03Copy video clip URL As they rise, Blumberg chats casually with the two-man crew. Noticing that the masons constantly use their feet against the building to guide the rise, Blumberg jokes, “so you walk up the building.” Mike notes that as masons, they do a lot of demo and brick laying. He says this building is in bad shape and needs a lot of work. He says they are going to remove all the terra cotta. “We’ll be working here for a few years.” Continued b-roll of the masons “walking” up the building.

18:49Copy video clip URL Various views of Lake Michigan and the city from high up on the scaffold. They reach the top and Mike points out all the deteriorated concrete being replaced. The damage is right under the penthouse unit. The masons note that the penthouse was purchased for $900,000. The masons note that they will remove all the terra cotta and replace it with brick. He shows the rotted plaster and the new steel that’s had to go in. Mike says he’s about to add more concrete and has his partner, Jimmy, start mixing.

20:42Copy video clip URL B-roll of Lake Michigan. Mike notes that the intense winds make work on this building difficult. They secure a tarp to contain falling debris. They note that they are preparing the job site for the bricklayers who are scheduled to come in tomorrow.

22:30Copy video clip URL Jimmy assembles a drill paddle to mix a self-leveling seca patch. They add bonding material and mix their own concrete with the paddle drill.

24:45Copy video clip URL Blumberg zooms into a park below for a shot of a father and son playing on a swing set in a park.

25:20Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of the masons mixing concrete.

26:01Copy video clip URL B-roll of a helicopter passing by.

26:10Copy video clip URL B-roll of the masons at work, smoothing concrete. Mike explains the problem and the solution. He notes the building is in such bad shape it should be taken down from the 16th floor up. Continued b-roll of the workers and of Lake Shore Drive from above.

28:35Copy video clip URL Continued b-roll of the masons at work. Mike notes the wind is picking up. Jimmy says that he’s lost his hat from this height too many times. They note that they stay up here until lunch time, and all day if they have to. B-roll of the masons adding concrete to the building.

31:07Copy video clip URL B-roll of the street below, the lake, the park.

32:34Copy video clip URL The workers note rain clouds and continue pouring concrete. They comment that if it starts raining they will have to go down. It’s too dangerous to stay up. Mike notes that they go down for lunch at around quarter to twelve, but that he likes to finish what he’s started first. The workers say that they are with local 32 union of tuckpointers, caulkers, masons. They call down to their crew mates below on the ground.

36:02Copy video clip URL It getting colder and the videographer wants to head back down. The workers take down the tarp and prepare to descend. Mike notes that he also has a concrete business on the side. He works seven days a week while his wife and new born baby are staying with family in Minneapolis.

38:08Copy video clip URL They pack up their tools and start the descent. Mike points out the building’s water damage. They begin the slow descent.

41:10Copy video clip URL The videographer grabs a shot of a concrete horse head fixture on the building. The descent continues, the workers use their feet along the building to guide the scaffold.

44:21Copy video clip URL B-roll of the water damage and cracks in the building.

45:35Copy video clip URL B-roll of the ground crew grabbing the scaffold’s ropes to help guide the descent.

47:50Copy video clip URL The scaffold gets to the ground and the masons confer with the foreman.

48:40Copy video clip URL Finally back on the ground. The masons and their boss continue to discuss their work. Then they start their ascent back up to return to the job.

49:56Copy video clip URL The videographer gets audible releases from the workers.

51:20Copy video clip URL Various b-roll from the ground of the workers going back up the building in the scaffold as well as shots of them at work once they arrive near the top floor.

01:00:26Copy video clip URL The videographer records notes to the editor about the shots he’s taken of the scaffold’s support ropes. Continued b-roll of the scaffold near the 15th floor and the workers at work.

01:01:59Copy video clip URL END



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