[Chicago Slices raw: Michael Jordan’s Restaurant]

MICHAEL JORDAN'S RESTAURANT: Behind-the-scene interviews with staff, waiters, chefs, kitchen crew, and CHARLES CRAWFORD, sous chef.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:04Copy video clip URL A mother pushes her toddler child on a swing in a park (this shot continues footage begun at the very end of video #14044).

02:51Copy video clip URL B-roll of three kids playing basketball in a park.

03:35Copy video clip URL A group of teenagers hang out in the park.

04:27Copy video clip URL Establishing exterior shot of a school with the Sears Tower in background.

05:27Copy video clip URL B-roll of little kids running in the park.

06:10Copy video clip URL Parents walking a group of toddlers down a sidewalk. Camera operator gets one of the toddlers to say “Goodbye, see you later.”

07:56Copy video clip URL Interior Michael Jordan’s restaurant. Camera operator Andrew Jones with Joe Wilson enter, greeted by manager, enter kitchen and are introduced to kitchen staff and sous chef Charles Crawford. Crawford takes the video crew on tour of the kitchen, talking about kitchen operations, the staff, the grill, and the pastry station; b-roll of various cooks at work chopping, slicing, and prepping.

15:20Copy video clip URL Crawford gives a tour of the private dining area.

16:59Copy video clip URL Crawford in stairwell discussing how he came to work at the restaurant.

18:00Copy video clip URL Crawford takes camera through public dining area. He talks about how people initially come out of curiosity, but return for the good food.

19:25Copy video clip URL Crawford tours the receiving area.

21:18Copy video clip URL Crawford describes his first day on the job.

21:49Copy video clip URL Crawford presents and describes a slice of the restaurant’s turtle cheesecake.

23:31Copy video clip URL The camera follows the manager as he briefs a team of waiters and waitresses on the day  ahead.

27:09Copy video clip URL Andrew Jones appears on camera with a staffer and a slice of cheesecake performing an intro/outro for the show.

27:55Copy video clip URL B-roll of restaurant stairwell and framed photos of Michael Jordan.

28:43Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of dining tables, photos of Jordan.

29:50Copy video clip URL Two male patrons having lunch are interviewed about their dining experience.

32:39Copy video clip URL A table of female patrons is photographed.

32:59Copy video clip URL B-roll, various framed photos of Jordan.

33:12Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of patrons dining.

33:58Copy video clip URL Quick interview with host wearing a headset.

34:22Copy video clip URL B-roll, framed photos of Jordan.

34:41Copy video clip URL B-roll, large screens projecting basketball highlights cut to rock music.

38:23Copy video clip URL B-roll, framed basketball memorabilia.

38:58Copy video clip URL B-roll, continued footage of large screens projecting basketball highlights cut to rock music.

42:48Copy video clip URL Jones stands in front of camera preparing to speak, but doesn’t.

42:53Copy video clip URL Exterior. Joe Wilson stands in front of the restaurant’s main entrance. Jones then appears recording several takes of the segment’s intro.

44:29Copy video clip URL On-the-street interviews with passerby and restaurant patrons.

45:10Copy video clip URL Exterior establishing shot of Michael Jordan’s restaurant.

53:12Copy video clip URL Jones on camera with passerby, promo/intro for the show.

57:18Copy video clip URL New location. Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. Michael Grady, Chief Operating Engineer, begins his interview.

57:42Copy video clip URL END TAPE.



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