[Chicago Slices raw : Needle Drop #1]

Needle Drop radio show in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

00:00Copy video clip URL The Cleaning Ladies, the hosts of the popular radio show Needle Drop on CBR radio, enter the studio lobby and get everything set up. They talk about what typically happens in the time leading up to the start of the show. They discuss topics that they will be covering on air, and brainstorm about the details. Audio cuts out for a bit at one point. The men talk about how they put together the show, sample a few CDs, talk about their twice weekly meetings to plan the show, what kind of questions they can ask to stimulate their audience to call in, listener appreciation night, and the specifics of how the show will work.

38:55Copy video clip URL The videographer talks with the woman who screens their phone calls. She talks about how they have great reviews, and great callers.

44:49Copy video clip URL The Cleaning Ladies talk with Dave their DJ about what will be happening throughout the course of the show.

48:02Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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