[Chicago Slices raw : Needle Drop #2]

Needle Drop radio show in Arlington Heights.

00:00Copy video clip URL The radio show hosts discuss the logistics of the show with the DJ.

01:45Copy video clip URL Dave, the DJ, lists the songs that just played on the show.

02:47Copy video clip URL Introduction to the radio show Needle Drop.

04:45Copy video clip URL The hosts of Needle Drop introduce themselves: John Anderson, Art Collins, Scott Brewer, and Dan Lano. They explain the concept of “Listener Appreciation Night.”

07:52Copy video clip URL A list of the sponsors of the program. Then the hosts chat while songs are on the air.

13:10Copy video clip URL The hosts discuss a concert one of them once went to.

19:19Copy video clip URL The giveaway is explained. Then after another commercial break, one of the hosts advertises the Chicago Recording Company. Then they list off different cassettes and CDs that they are giving away.

25:40Copy video clip URL They talk to their first caller, and then play a song she requests.

33:30Copy video clip URL There is a review of a new Frank Sinatra album, “Duets.” Then he reviews Bob Dylan’s new album, “World Gone Wrong.” Then another host tells a story about Bob Dylan. The next review is the live reunion album from Velvet Underground. Then they take some calls from listeners.

46:50Copy video clip URL One of the hosts of Needle Drop plays an industrial rock song, and then they all criticize the song. They begin talking with several different listeners.

53:08Copy video clip URL After the show, the videographer goes outside to talk with the woman who screens their phone calls. He then talks to some of the hosts about their reactions after the show. He films them while they chat amongst themselves.

1:00:47Copy video clip URL Video ends.


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  1. Name Withheld says:

    The idea was to take the energy of sports talk and bring it to the ossified world of rock-music reviews (hello Sound Opinions – which started at the same time). It was radio with the spirit of rock: fun and human, lots of rough edges (thanks to Steve and Garry for tilling the field). Ultimately done in by under-funding and the prevailing lazy attitude of radio people who want to believe, despite all the evidence, that people are willing to sit through epic commercial breaks so they can hear something they’ve already heard a million times. Needledrop tried to save radio, but radio wasn’t interested.

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