[Chicago Slices raw: Northbrook park]

This tape contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." In this video, Doug Sawyer speaks with a number of Northbrook, Illinois residents about their lives in this northern suburb of Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with an older man about his daily activities. The man talks about walking through the park and buying lottery tickets at a nearby pharmacy. He also tells Sawyer that he is a writer and goes over some of the techniques he uses to overcome writer’s block. He is currently writing a book about a character with a medical background. This lasts for several minutes.

02:57Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of two children, Daniel and Brenden, and their mother next to a playground. Their mother talks about her family and what it’s like living in the suburbs. She states that they live in a very nice neighborhood, but that she misses the city. She also talks about her work background and her children in more detail.

08:09Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with Brenda Good-Kugler about her children, Samantha and Sean. She talks about giving birth to both children in her home. Sean eventually tries to drag his mother away from the camera. She then joins her son on the playground.

11:18Copy video clip URL Good-Kugler talks about her breast-feeding outreach work. She talks about the social stigma on breast feeding and how it is looked upon in the North Shore area outside of Chicago. “I guess people have the economic means to not have to be attached to their babies and a lot of people, they have live-ins and nannies and all kinds of babysitters so they can’t make the commitment to have to be that attached to their children.” She goes on to talk about the substantial benefits of breast-feeding. Sawyer eventually goes on to talk to a mother named Andrea Spiez about her nine month old twin daughters. Spiez talks about her recovery from birthing and the work that comes along with having twins.

16:53Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with Andrew and Alison, two children at the playground. Their father talks about spending time with his children and his work as a criminal defense lawyer. He goes on to talk about the stresses of the economy and how they have affected his family.

19:58Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with another father about spending time with his children at the park and his current bout of unemployment. He worked as an aircraft mechanic but lost his job due to a slump in the airline industry.

25:36Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with Debbie and her sons. The three decided to go to the park to eat some ice cream after a visit with the orthodontist. Debbie speaks about raising three kids. The children are fairly shy throughout the interview. When asked what one piece of advice she would give her children, Debbie ponders an answer before being interrupted by one of her sons who says, “Don’t have children.”

30:35Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with fathers Bob and Dave while they’re having lunch together in the park. Bob talks about his work as an accountant and Dave talks about his work in operations management in the supermarket industry. Dave talks about attending a food convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. When asked about the commute many suburbanites have from the suburbs to their job in the city, Bob states that it makes no sense to him. He says he’d never want to commute into the city. The two go on to talk about when they met their wives. They also talk about some of the negative characteristics of their wives. Dave says his wife can be “a real pain in the ass sometimes” while Bob labels his wife as “a saint.”

35:39Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with Bob’s wife, Janice, and his young son, Steven. Sawyer tells Janice that Bob had some very nice things to say about her. She states that Bob was pulling Sawyer’s leg. Janice states that Bob forgot Mother’s Day. She also says that her husband is “much more sensitive than he appears.”

37:59Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with Jenna and her son, Charlie. Jenna talks about her time spent at the park with her sons. This lasts for several minutes.

39:32Copy video clip URL Sawyer speaks with Dave’s wife, Janeen, and her son, Michael. She first talks about the similarities between her son and his parents. Sawyer describes his earlier conversation with her husband about their marriage. Sawyer briefly speaks with a young girl named Stephanie. Janeen talks about the amount of relocating the family has done over the years. She also states that her husband is “perfect in every way.”

42:10Copy video clip URL Sawyer goes back to Dave and states that his wife said that he was perfect in every way. Sawyer also talks to Bob about having forgetten Mother’s Day. Dave’s son, Michael, eventually joins the three at the table. This lasts for several minutes.

44:35Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Amy Trousman, Amy Fisher, and Dana Zalinski. The three teenagers talks about their daily lives attending Glenbrook North High School. Trousman states that they are looking for something to do. She also talks about her current boyfriend, who is twenty years old. The three also talk about their partying habits and plans for the evening. This lasts for several minutes.

51:31Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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