[Chicago Slices raw: Northbrook roofer]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a television series about life in Chicago. This video features Donald Buck, who owns and operates a small roofing business. This video features interviews with him, his son, and workers as they work on rooftops in a condo complex in Northbrook, Illinois.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening shot of roofers laying tile on top of a garage with machinery noise in background.

01:54Copy video clip URL Don Buck, owner of E & B Roofing, introduces himself and his business from on top of a roof. He explains that he got into roofing because he used to be a baker, but he developed an allergy to flour, so a friend got him into the roofing business. He says that his philosophy is to do quality work and to do the job well the first time.

04:00Copy video clip URL Buck explains that he’s currently doing a job of about 80 units in a subdivision over a five year period. He says that his company does about two complexes like this a year, and the rest is mostly repair work. He says that one of the most enjoyable things about the profession is the variety involved in the work.

05:10Copy video clip URL Buck demonstrates the specific techniques involved in the particular job they’re doing, introducing Wes and George, his employees, who are busy at work. They joke around about who works harder.

06:57Copy video clip URL Buck talks about how the business is family oriented, pointing out that his son, Ryan, works with the crew on weekends to make sure the workers have the materials they need. He says that his wife runs the business from the office and calls her “the brains… We’re just the braun.”

10:10Copy video clip URL Ryan is shown cutting shingles on the roof. He says that he doesn’t want to do roofing as a living, but would rather be in a band. He says that he does enjoy working there for the summers and that he’s learned a lot from his dad. He talks about how to find leaks in the roof, then talks a bit more about his band.

13:35Copy video clip URL Back to Don Buck and the crew, who talk about how they work in the rain. Don points out that he has a delivery from Allied. Sawyer follows Buck to meet Jeff, the truck driver, then over to the next roof, where they unload the materials from the truck.

23:40Copy video clip URL As he unloads shingles, Jeff says that he enjoys his work because “I’m all over, from Aurora to Kenosha, Wisconsin in one day. It makes the time go by, that’s what I like about it best.” He also says that he likes getting a workout and getting paid for it, as well. He says that he works long hours this time of year, which cuts down on his social life. However, he’s making money and hopes to buy a cabin in the North Woods someday.

25:22Copy video clip URL Buck says that he enjoys fishing and golfing. He talks a little about shingles and the different types of roofing, and then goes on to talk about the scheduling of the work. He says that the hardest part of the work is the actual shingling, because it’s hard on your back and on your knees. He says that they lose time on snow or rain days, but there’s generally always something to do year ’round. Buck talks about his son, saying that “he’s a good kid, never gave me any trouble. I think he’ll go to college. He doesn’t want to be a roofer.”

37:04Copy video clip URL Jeff continues talking about the benefits of the job. “Great thing about this job? You’re never in the same place twice.” He also talks about sight seeing, pointing out the “miniskirts” and wildlife as something worth seeing this time of year. He says that Buck is one of the best roofers he’s ever met. He says that it’s a rough business because there are a lot of shady characters. He says that he has so much confidence in Buck, he let him do his own roof.

43:30Copy video clip URL Back on the ground, the whole crew talk and joke around.

46:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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