[Chicago Slices raw : Hancock building, t-shirt salesman, astrologer]

Raw footage shot for the TV series Chicago Slices. This tape includes footage of: the John Hancock building, a t-shirt salesman, and an interview with astrologer Katherine de Jersey.

00:00Copy video clip URL Driving through Chicago, we see many different views of the downtown skyline. Many shots focus on the John Hancock Building in particular.

05:30Copy video clip URL Now on foot with the camera, we see a man selling t-shirts with interesting designs near the Hard Rock Cafe. He says business is slow this time of year. He shows off a Michael Jordan shirt, and a Looney Tunes themed White Sox shirt. We see people stop by to browse through his shirts.

09:15Copy video clip URL Back in the car, there is more footage of the Hancock Building and the surrounding architecture.

13:00Copy video clip URL A man plays the saxophone on the sidewalk as business people and tourists walk past.

16:15Copy video clip URL A dramatic angle from the foot of the Hancock Building looking upward. Entering the lobby, the cameraman heads up to room 5303, where astrologer Katherine de Jersey is expecting him for an interview.

18:20Copy video clip URL A shot out the window, showing the impressive view of the lake.

20:30Copy video clip URL The cameraman knocks on Katherine’s door, and they greet each other and enter her living room. She tells him about a book she is currently working on. She also shows him a copy of one of her previous books, “Destiny Times Six.” We see some photos of her famous clients, including Cloris Leachman and Gloria Swanson.

37:00Copy video clip URL The cameraman is a Capricorn with the moon in Pisces. Katherine lists some other combinations and tells what they mean.

41:30Copy video clip URL Katherine de Jersey talks about her clients and the ways in which she helps them. She uses their specific birth information and matches corresponding astral charts to map the planets’ patterns and arrangement at the moment of their birth. This information can be used, then, to draw conclusions about their lives.

45:00Copy video clip URL Katherine shows us Hillary Clinton’s chart as an example of this concept. She reads the planetary information to make statements about the First Lady’s personality and strengths.

48:00Copy video clip URL de Jersey makes an important statement: “The astrologer, like the psychiatrist, […] must be very careful not to let our own beliefs influence our interpretation, our judgment.”

54:00Copy video clip URL Katherine talks about her analysis of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s relationship, based almost solely on their astrological charts.

01:01:40Copy video clip URL Katherine shows us a chart that she made specifically for Chicago Slices, even though it is a television show rather than a person. She doubts any Emmy wins for the show, but she predicts success for the night this segment will air.

01:11:40Copy video clip URL Katherine talks about a “new era” that will commence in about two or three years. She says there has been a planetary emphasis in Scorpio that may be accountable for terrible things that go on in the world.

01:13:10Copy video clip URL Katherine defends Ronald Reagan for having a presidential astrologer, listing some information about the signing of the Declaration of Independence and its intentional astrological arrangement.

01:17:10Copy video clip URL Katherine shows us Skip Blumberg, the cameraman’s, chart. He has the sun in Capricorn, and the moon in Pisces. She tells him to be very careful during his assigned segment the following day. She also tells him he will be famous in about two years. She gives Skip some advice about moving to a new apartment in New York with his wife.

01:26:00Copy video clip URL Katherine shows us the chart she made for the city of Chicago. Then she talks about how her clients hear about her and come to her for help. She shows a brochure for some of her cross-country speaking and presentations.

01:31:35Copy video clip URL Katherine says, “This is a terrific night to watch Chicago Slices.” She says it will contribute to the viewers’ development, and keep them returning to watch the show. She says the viewers are unusual people, looking for new ideas off the beaten path of thinking. The chart has Aquarius rising, which corresponds to the upcoming Age of Aquarius.

01:41:35Copy video clip URL Exiting the parking garage after the interview with Katherine de Jersey, Skip gives the editors some tips on cutting up this segment.

01:53:00Copy video clip URL Going to the Emmy Awards where Chicago Slices has been nominated for an award.

01:58:57Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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