[Chicago Slices raw : quadruplets – Frisbee dogs]

Raw footage for the program Chicago Slices. This tape features quadruplets in Lombard and Frisbee dogs.

00:00Copy video clip URL Exterior establishing shot of a suburban house.

00:22Copy video clip URL Inside the home, a woman picks up one of her quadruplet babies and burps him.

00:48Copy video clip URL The mother, Toni-Ann Meola-McCarty, holds two of the babies while the father, Lee McCarty, holds one with the fourth sitting in between his parents. Meola-McCarty says that having quadruplets was the result of one month of fertility pills. She introduces the babies as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and little John. The names come from the Christian bible. Meola-McCarty says when she was two weeks pregnant the doctors thought something was up because she always eating more than normal. A few weeks later she had a dream that told her she would have four boys and they should be named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and be raised in a Christian life. A few weeks after the dream the doctors detected four heart beats.

02:26Copy video clip URL The mother says the biggest problems they face are diapers and formula. They receive a lot of clothes as hand-me-downs from benevolent neighbors. The babies are 15-weeks old, born on June 3. She notes it’s unusual they are all boys. She talks about how they are different. They won’t look identical. Mark has blond hair and blue eyes, little John has different color eyes and facial features. “This one has brown eyes.”

03:53Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says she tried unsuccessfully for four years to become pregnant. That’s why she turned to fertility pills. McCarty says raising the babies is a lot of work. Just taking care of them is a full-time job, they’re not on the same schedule. One is on a special milk that costs twenty-dollars a can. Meola-McCarty says while she was pregnant the doctor gave them the option to reduce the number of babies she’d give birth to, losing two and keeping two, but she couldn’t imagine doing that. She says the hardest part of raising the babies is at night time because she suffered a lot of complications and she does not have nighttime help and her health is suffering, but she thanks Christ the King Church in Lombard. They send out two women in the morning and two in the afternoon to help.

06:10Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says they buy everything in fours, except they only have three swings. She continues feeding one of the babies.

06:40Copy video clip URL She says she never had a clairvoyant dream before or since. But she’s glad she did. She says she didn’t even tell her husband about the dream until the doctor confirmed the pregnancy. In fact, she says, they had different names picked out. She adds that she’s glad her dream was something faith-based and not about the Marx Brothers.

07:35Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty describes her babies’ differences. Matthew has zero patience. Luke is vocal.

08:10Copy video clip URL They are interrupted.

08:11Copy video clip URL She continues: Mark is a happy guy. The mom says he’s a Sox fan, the dad is convinced he’s a Cubs fan. John is being held by Meola-McCarty’s mom, Joan. John had complications. He’s the smallest of the babies. He’s very alert.

09:11Copy video clip URL The parents note the babies, born June 3, are Gemini: the Zodiac twins. Meola-McCarty says they will not have any more babies because of the complications she suffered giving birth.

09:43Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says she knew having multiple babies was a possible ramification of fertility pills, but imagined that meant two or three, not four. “We were amazed.” They know of other parents of quadruplets in the area. They imagine it will be hard finding a baby sitter, but note that their families are in the area and help. And they receive help from their church. “Christ the King Church is Heaven sent.”

10:57Copy video clip URL They describe tonight’s schedule. They just finished eating. Now it’s time to swing, then change, eat, swing again. The babies eat every three hours around the clock.

11:53Copy video clip URL The parents share other potential names they considered: Kyle, Brandon, Justin.

13:14Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says her family is small. McCarty notes that in his family there are twins. His grandmother had twins.

13:44Copy video clip URL B-roll of the babies. Three babies are in swings that wind up and swing automatically.

16:32Copy video clip URL B-roll of Luke in his mother’s arms. He waves to camera.

17:12Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says that she hopes they grow up to be honest, happy, God-loving good people.

18:37Copy video clip URL B-roll of three babies in the wind-up swing.

19:05Copy video clip URL B-roll of an empty crib.

19:13Copy video clip URL B-roll of the babies in their swings. Various shots. Meola-McCarty brings in one of her babies in a full White Sox outfit.

21:00Copy video clip URL McCarty notes to the videographer, “you can see they need a lot of care.” He comments that he owns a small chimney sweep / tuckpointing company.

21:25Copy video clip URL B-roll of a baby in a crib with a mobile above his head. Meola-McCarty predicts he will be a professional baseball player, first baseman. She also predicts Matthew will be a lawyer, Mark will be a football player, John will be a doctor because he’s alert. Meola-McCarty notes that she has a brother who’s 28-years old and works for American Airlines.

22:40Copy video clip URL B-roll of John with his aunt Rita.

23:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of a baby in the crib with a teddy bear propping up his bottle for him.

23:24Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says she didn’t bring all four babies home from the hospital at the same time. Two came with her initially, then the third, then the fourth. She says she spent about seven weeks in hospital, then she went to her mother’s place. She says the neighbors think having quadruplets is cool, but she doesn’t think she and her husband get enough attention as they should. She says she thought companies would want to help them out. She says she’s been looking for a car dealer that will give a good deal on a van. Right now they have two strollers in the back of a pick up truck. “We look like the Beverly Hillbillies.”

25:58Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty says the most commonly asked questions they receive is, “Are they twins?” “Are they identical?” Everyone wants to know if fertility pills were taken. Joan says that one in three hundred thousand women have quadruplets and that it’s even more rare to have all boys.

27:23Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty notes that the order of birth was: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. They were each born one minute a part through Cesarean section.

27:50Copy video clip URL B-roll of photos of all four babies

28:22Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty notes that this is the babies’ second television appearance. McCarty adds that Channel 5 is going to interview them too. B-roll of the mom cuddling one of the babies.

29:02Copy video clip URL Meola-McCarty gives advice to new moms: No matter how much the babies fuss or scream, enjoy every minute of it, because they are only little for so long.

30:13Copy video clip URL B-roll of one baby sleeping.

30:31Copy video clip URL B-roll of a mobile above the crib, baby asleep. Various b-roll of the babies sleeping.

31:19Copy video clip URL B-roll of a baby being fed from a bottle.

31:43Copy video clip URL In offering final words, Meola-McCarty notes that they go through 32 bottles a day, 2 cans of large formula every four days, 54 diapers a day, a lot of handy wipes, we do laundry all day long. She asks for help at night so she can get sleep.

33:41Copy video clip URL Everyone in the room states their name and gives permission to be on TV. Toni-Ann Meola-McCarty (the mom), Lee McCarty (the dad), Jerry Del Giudice (the uncle), Joan Meola (the grandmother), Rita Del Giudice (the aunt).

34:28Copy video clip URL B-roll of baby photos.

34:41Copy video clip URL Change of location. B-roll, exterior in a grassy field at Bolingbrook, men and women with their dogs.

35:10Copy video clip URL The people introduce themselves: Mary M. and her dog Joey, a Frisbee dog. Don Kent and his dog Bandit, a four-year old Border Collie. Colleen Warren, her dog Reba, and her daughter Melissa. Tom Worley with his dog Delta, a three-time regional champion and World Finalist. Pate and Michele Harris with their dog Annie.

35:52Copy video clip URL Tom notes that you don’t really train a dog to be a Frisbee dog. It’s in their heart, in their blood. The dog has to have a lot of excitement when it sees a Frisbee and hears the word “Frisbee.” In a contest it is more the ability of the thrower to get the tricks and throws off than it is the dog’s ability to catch.

36:28Copy video clip URL Don notes that the secret to throwing a good Frisbee is practice, good grip, practice with another human, not a dog.

36:47Copy video clip URL Mary, Tom and Don are the best Frisbee throwers she’s seen.

37:00Copy video clip URL The videographer asks the little girl, Melissa, what her favorite thing is about Frisbee throwing, but she is too shy to answer.

37:18Copy video clip URL Michele puts a hat on her dog. B-roll of a dog chasing Frisbee throws.

38:57Copy video clip URL Don throws Frisbees to his dog Bandit. He has the dog roll over, turn around, and do various other tricks on demand including jumping over his owner to catch a Frisbee. The dog jumps through Don’s hooped arms and grabs a Frisbee. Bandit grabs a Frisbee from Don’s mouth.

41:10Copy video clip URL B-roll of Melissa playing in the grass.

41:15Copy video clip URL More B-roll of Bandit catching Frisbee throws. Various shots.

43:43Copy video clip URL Tom takes his dog Delta out to show part of their routine. He notes Delta is 8-years old, one of the oldest in the crowd. She probably has one or two more years of Frisbee throwing left in her. He notes his first dog was named Nuggets and was a three-time Illinois State champion and missed the World Finals by half a point. Because of this they got Delta to train. They’ve been involved for thirteen years and have been to the World Finals with Delta three times.

45:11Copy video clip URL He goes through their routine, which includes short tosses, long throws, jumping up over Tom and grabbing the Frisbee, and flipping the Frisbee into the dogs mouth.

47:42Copy video clip URL Tom notes that routines last 90 seconds. In that time, you try to get as many tricks in as you can to make the dog look good. When asked what’s the longest throw he’s made, Tom says in Minnesota they completed a 75-yard throw indoors. Tom attempts a long throw for camera. The dog catches it. Continued b-roll of various throws from Tom to Delta.

50:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of Delta drinking water from a Frisbee. Tom notes that’s how a lot of Frisbee dogs start their training, learning to associate the Frisbee with food or water.

50:30Copy video clip URL A new owner joins the shoot. Mike Turney, and his dog Rascal, perform tricks including toss, catching the Frisbee off the owner’s back and off his chest. He notes that Rascal weighs 35 pounds. Rascal doesn’t seem to want to go for any of the Frisbee tosses. The man throws long passes which the dog goes after.

55:47Copy video clip URL Shots of Colleen and Reba doing various tricks: tosses, passes, between the owner’s legs.

57:32Copy video clip URL B-roll of an owner throwing two Frisbees simultaneously to two dogs: synchronized.

59:06Copy video clip URL All the owners and their dogs sitting in the grass cooling off. When asked how can someone join the dog Frisbee club, Tom says call him or Don and gives phone numbers.

55:43Copy video clip URL All the owners give permission to be videotaped.

01:00:17Copy video clip URL B-roll of dogs, portrait shots.

01:02:02Copy video clip URL Pete throws long distance Frisbee passes to Annie.

01:02:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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