[Chicago Slices raw: Rahm Emanuel]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. Eddie Becker visits Rahm Emanuel's office as Senior Adviser to President Clinton in Washington, D.C. Emanuel does not do an interview and talks on the phone for the duration of Becker's visit.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on interior of a cab with the passenger/videographer, Eddie Becker, talking with the driver about Free Trade Agreements and policies of the Clinton Administration. They talk about the economy and politics while they are driving through Washington, D.C.

5:31Copy video clip URL Fade out on the cab scene and fade in on the green in front of the White House. Becker talks briefly with a woman he identifies as Piquita. She describes not being able to talk to the President and tells Becker to tell the President that “we’d like to talk to him.” Her posters seem to be advertising an anti-nuclear stance and she seems to say that the United States should not be selling arms to Marxist regimes.

8:35Copy video clip URL Cut to interior of a White House office where Becker pans around the office. David Marcheck, one of the people working there, is introduced to the “significant other” of one of the other workers. The office carries on as usual while Becker stands around.

11:47Copy video clip URL The man in the corner finishes his call and asks Becker to not use any of the correspondence heard. Becker then begins wandering around the White House.

13:11Copy video clip URL Becker arrives in Emanuel’s office and wanders around a bit while Emanuel is on the phone. He says that he’s there for Tom and Joel for the TV program Chicago Slices. Rahm Emanuel continues to talk on the phone, taking care of some issue or another, and after he finishes the first call he continues calling another person. The entire office carries on as if the videographer is not there. Emanuel appears to be trying to gain votes in support of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was passed by the House of Representatives 25 days later. There is a brief exchange of words where Becker asks Emanuel what is different and he is basically ignored. Emanuel dismisses someone’s concern about the taping by saying it’s for public television (Becker agrees that it is for public television even though he was actually shooting for WPWR-Chicago). The man recognizes Becker and says, “This guy used to film me when I was anti-NAFTA.” Becker is asked to leave so they can hold a meeting.

26:23Copy video clip URL Switch to exterior shot of what is presumably Washington, D.C. There is no audio. Becker is on the corner of E St. and 17th St. (NW). Becker says that the President is probably coming because there is an officer directing traffic.

32:34Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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