[Chicago Slices raw : recycling at Chicagoland Processing]

Raw footage for the TV program Chicago Slices. This tape features footage of silver and plastic recycling at Chicagoland Processing in Mount Prospect, IL, plus an interview with president and founder John Obie.

00:00Copy video clip URL Entering a warehouse. A man operates a small forklift as it moves large slats from one area to another.

02:40Copy video clip URL A man named Ken Pfeiffer explains what they do there, extracting silver from x-ray and newspaper print films. They chop the film in a machine, and then collect the pieces and put them into the system. From there, it is processed and the silver is extracted in a non-hazardous way. He says they keep about ten million pounds of film out of landfills each year. They are the largest recycler for Kodak film in the country.

10:20Copy video clip URL A shot of the raw silver after extraction. It looks more like dirt than like silver, but it still needs to be dried out and formed into bars in the oven.

12:10Copy video clip URL The drying system uses 350 degree heat and air to dry the silver.

14:19Copy video clip URL We see the dried out product that is now 80% silver. It will now go into a double furnace to make it pure. They put out at least .999% quality silver after this process.

16:15Copy video clip URL Moving onto the next step in this process, we meet Tom Cross, the “mint-master.” Then a silver bar is hammered and put through another machine where it is flattened into a very long, thin strip. After that, it is cut into smaller strips.

21:40Copy video clip URL Tom shows a bef0re-and-after view of the silver coins during the softening process. The softening makes the coins print better. Then the impurities are taken out and they are shined in another machine.

23:30Copy video clip URL Coins being printed one at a time. These particular coins are Cleveland Municipal Stadium souvenir coins. Then a rectangular silver World Cup trading card is printed. Its retail price is $89.95.

30:00Copy video clip URL A machine punches out the circular coin shapes. Then we see several more commemorative coins on display.

35:30Copy video clip URL The leftover plastic is also used along with other used plastic items, such as plastic bags and milk jugs. Like the silver processing, the plastic is chopped very finely in order to be reused.

41:20Copy video clip URL John Obie is the president and founder of Chicagoland Processing. He talks about the future of recycling, and how he started in this industry.

44:08Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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