[Chicago Slices raw: River Plaza #1]

RIVER PLAZA people interviews: Where can you get a good cup of coffee? What is your zip code? Security guard interview, his job and dealing with the homeless situation. Kids yelling Chicago Slices. The footage continues onto tape 13957.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videographer Skip Blumberg is on the streets of Chicago asking passersby where a good place for coffee can be found. He also asks various questions getting to know the people. One woman, Candice, says she works at Starbucks on Ontario Street. For her, that’s the place to go.

02:11Copy video clip URL Mike Fender says you can get a good cup of coffee at his office. Karen says Starbucks. Mike says he’s new to Chicago. He’s from St. Louis. He describes Chicago as bigger than life. Life is faster. There’s more to do. St. Louis is a nice place to raise a family. He adds that he likes to ride his bike by the lake and tells of almost seeing a dead body pulled from the water, but it turned out there was no dead body. He says Chicago is cleaner than most big cities.

05:50Copy video clip URL Ann Hackett eats frozen yoghurt from McDonald’s and says it’s hard to find a good cup of coffee in Chicago. She adds that she grew up in Elmhurst. Chicago is manageable, friendly. Lately, for fun, she cycles.

08:00Copy video clip URL Dennis McCloud says he’s lived in Chicago basically his whole life. My family’s here. Family is important. He says McDonald’s has goo coffee. He sips and rates it. It’s smooth. On a scale of 1-5 it’s a 5.

09:54Copy video clip URL Sandy says the best place for coffee is Grandma Gebhard. They have different flavors. She says she’s always lived in Chicago. My heart is in Chicago.

11:34Copy video clip URL Janet McCabe is not a coffee drinker. She drinks soda. She thinks Chicago is a great place. There’s lots to do, cultural events. She says if she were to go away it would be to a Tropical island. She says she won the lottery once, $5,000 on a pick 4 number. I pick numbers I always play. She says she spends her winnings on vacations, bills, new used cars.

16:50Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. A man says he doesn’t drink coffee but her friends go to Starbucks. I drink soda. She says she grew up in the Philippines. He describes Chicago as great, it’s just as dangerous as any other city. There are good opportunities here. He says he is a computer programmer.

18:58Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. The man continues saying he is going to school to study more about computer programming. This will make him more marketable.

19:47Copy video clip URL John says he doesn’t drink coffee. My energy comes from Pepsi cola.

20:53Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. John adds that he recently took a vacation to Florida. Locally, for fun, he attends sporting events. He’s currently buying a house. It’s a pain.

21:58Copy video clip URL Steve’s favorite sports team is the St. Louis Blues. I lived in St. Louis as a youth.

22:32Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Steve continues. It’s hard to switch from being a Cardinals fan to a Cubs fan. He says there’s lots to do in Chicago: culture, beaches, museums. He says business now is flat. The recession. He doesn’t know if Clinton will make a difference; he hopes so. He says he doesn’t drink coffee, he drinks tea and hot chocolate. For caffeine he drinks soda.

25:18Copy video clip URL Sharon Edmond says Granda Gebhard is the place for good coffee. Coffee calms my nerves. I work at the Chicago Tribune.

26:32Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Sharon says she’s a sales rep at the paper. She thinks on-the-job training is best, but classroom education can assist you. She says she went to school for an eduction major.

27:29Copy video clip URL Stop-re-start digitizing. Sharon adds that she’s a people person. I deal with them all day. The recession hit us hard, but sales are going up now. I feel optimistic that change in Chicago could happen. She talks abut a student program the paper offers, giving young kids a change to be mentored.

30:33Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Janice says for fun she’ll window shop along Michigan Avenue. She lives in Oak Park. The schools there are great. It’s a diverse community. By having a diverse community you learn to be tolerant.

34:12Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Shari says she’s having lunch at McDonald’s. The chicken fajita salad is the best. She says McDonald’s has good coffee. Starbucks is better. It’s strong. She says she just moved to Chicago from Washington, DC. She works at the Tribune. She thinks Chicago is a cross between DC and New York.

36:13Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing.  Shari adds she plays in a volleyball league.

37:04Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Carpenter lives near Oak Park.

37:50Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Carpenter says her family is in Oak Park. She says there’s lots to do in Chicago. She takes the Metra train to Union Station and during the summer takes the boat taxi from Union Station to the Tribune building where she works. Last summer she visited the Grant Park music fest, Sears Tower, restaurants. She says the best coffee in McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks is good.

42:05Copy video clip URL Steve Walker the design on his t-shirt is one he created at Atlantic Printing Co. in Boston. I just moved here a few months ago.

43:03Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Steve says he works in advertising. He moves to Chicago for a great opportunity. I do print traffic and creative. He’s training for a triathlon in August.

45:12Copy video clip URL Security guard Curtis says he’s had to use his tear gas before on people who resist arrest. He notes they are usually homeless who are trying to take a bath at the McDonald’s bathroom. I have to throw them out. Most of the people in this area are rich. They don’t want to deal with the homeless. I think the situation is bad. The US helps third world countries but not our own homeless. There’s no place for them to go. The homeless problem falls on me. Maybe Clinton can clean this up. He says for fun he goes to jazz clubs. He has maybe one cup of coffee a day. I only drink it at work. It makes me jittery. I don’t care for it.

50:01Copy video clip URL Pam says the color of her hair is strawberry blond. She’s a sales rep at Lake Shore Athletic Club. She says she has a personal trainer now. It’s a commitment. Diet is important to her. She says the best coffee for her is Gloria Jeans.

52:51Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. She adds that Gloria Jeans has flavored coffees and a lighter taste than Starbucks.

53:25Copy video clip URL Isaac Carpenter is an accountant and been in Chicago 20-years. He calls his kind of beard a goatee. The best place for coffee, he says, is in his office.

55:37Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Isaac says he drinks a couple cups in the morning but that’s it. He is originally from Arkansas. He came here in 1972 looking for a job in accounting. I had a cousin who lived here. Coming here was strange, coming from a rural environment where everybody knows everybody. Here’s it’s different. People lock their cars, their homes. He believes the government and the people together can solve all the social problems. One person or group cannot do it all.

58:34Copy video clip URL A group of kids on a field trip. They want to be on TV to be a star, famous. As a group  the videographer has them shout: It’s Chicago Slices! Live from Chicago!

01:02:21Copy video clip URL The parents minding the kids give permission for the kids to appear on video.

01:03:33Copy video clip URL END The footage continues onto tape 13957.



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