[Chicago Slices raw: Roger Bain]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series about everyday life in Chicago. In this video, Roger Bain, an advertising executive who works from his basement, performs at the club "At the Tracks" with his band "The Geckos." Bain's band uses goofy lyrics, singing songs about topics such as being bald and wearing glasses, weather ladies, spoiling your wife, golf, and lunch.

00:00Copy video clip URL Roger Bain sits in the club “At the Tracks” and prepares for his performance while talking about his music.

00:23Copy video clip URL Bain plays his guitar and sings, and is accompanied by Mike on the stand-up bass. They stop playing, and Bain jokes that it’s bad luck to sing a song all the way through. He talks about their rehearsals, and then fellow musician Kim walks in, sits down, and hands a cab receipt to Bain. Bain goes on to say that their group for the evening will be called the Geckos, and describes tonight’s set list.

06:20Copy video clip URL They begin another song, and Kim joins them in singing.

08:10Copy video clip URL An outside shot of At the Tracks.

08:35Copy video clip URL Back inside, the Geckos set up for their performance. Bain says that he does this all for fun, which is the primary driving force of his life: “That’s the one thing that separates death from life. I don’t think death is that much fun.” Bain then goes up to the bar and orders a few drinks.

13:30Copy video clip URL Back outside, on the balcony, Bain talks about what it’s like to work from home. He says that there are a lot of advantages to working at home, but it’s not for everyone. He jokes about how keeping himself disciplined.

16:00Copy video clip URL He explains that he invited a lot of people he works with to this performance, although many of them have not arrived yet. He notes that his kids, who have never seen him perform before, are thrilled to be there. He talks about the challenge of performing in front of people who didn’t come to see a concert. Interviewer Tobi Johnson asks about his songs, which Bain avoids talking about. Bain then excuses himself to start the performance.

18:50Copy video clip URL Back inside, Bain begins by welcoming the crowd, and then the Geckos begin their first song. The band performs a number of pieces to a crowd of people who drink beer and eat wings at the bar.

49:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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