[Chicago Slices raw: Roger Ebert]

This tape contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." In this video, videomaker Doug Sawyer interviews film critic Roger Ebert during a reading and signing of his book, "Behind the Phantom's Mask."

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll presumably gathered from in and around Deerfield, IL. This lasts for several minutes.

01:08Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from inside Borders Bookstore in Deerfield, IL. Videomaker Doug Sawyer states that he has no permission to be taping Ebert, but is going to try anyway. As Sawyer quietly makes his way over to the reading area, Ebert can be heard reading an entry from his book, “Behind the Phantom’s Mask.” Sawyer moves frequently, but gets a few close up shots of Ebert as he speaks. This lasts for several minutes.

05:00Copy video clip URL After Ebert finishes reading, he talks about his book and answers a few questions from the audience. This lasts for several minutes.

09:20Copy video clip URL Ebert begins to sign some books for those in attendance. Sawyer gathers a number of close ups. Ebert is a class act, making conversation with every single attendee as they get their books signed. This lasts for a large portion of the tape.

23:23Copy video clip URL The tape gets a little rough during this portion of the tape. After about thirty seconds, the tape goes back to normal. Ebert continues to sign autographs and talk about his new book and his past works in great detail. This lasts for several minutes.

33:50Copy video clip URL Sawyer asks Ebert a few questions about his numerous books. Ebert talks about his influences for writing books but states that he has no idea why he has decided to write books. He goes on to talk about his hobbies which include: reading, movies, traveling, Macintosh computers, online services, drawing, gardening, and cooking. “That’s enough hobbies for any sane person.”

36:54Copy video clip URL Ebert talks about his upcoming work at the Cannes Film Festival. When asked what the hardest part of his day is, Ebert responds, “The hardest part of my day is sitting through a bad movie. The easiest part of my day is reviewing a bad movie.” Another attendee asks Ebert whether he has ever walked out of a movie. Ebert states that he has and says that”Mediterraneo” was the last movie he could not finish watching. He answers a few more questions for the attendees. When asked about the future of the movie business, specifically about its integration into the virtual world, Ebert responds by saying that interactive movies via CD-ROM aren’t going to go anywhere. “The notion that the audience is going to sit there and vote on what’s going to happen next goes counter to why we go to the movies. I think we go to the movies in order to lose ourselves and to have an escapist experience.” Ebert goes on to talk about his vast movie collection on Laserdisc. He goes on to say that he’s recently taken up an interest in silent films and has started to collect a number of them. When asked how he and Gene Siskel choose what movies are reviewed on “At The Movies,” Ebert states that they do not have much of a choice. He states that he and Siskel only review the foreign movies they like in hopes to expose a larger audience to films they may not ever see. Shortly after Ebert finishes answering, Sawyer stops taping Ebert.

43:36Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a men’s softball game. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

52:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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