[Chicago Slices raw : Roosevelt High School]

Raw footage for Chicago Slices. Roosevelt High School with coach Manny Weincord. Ben Joravsky interviews.

00:00Copy video clip URL People congregate and chat outside the WGN studio on North Michigan Ave. where “The Kathy and Judy Show” is broadcasting live. Mayor Richard M. Daley,  Alderman Burt Natarus, and Daley’s Deputy Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett are present.

01:15Copy video clip URL Cut to the entrance to Roosevelt High School in Albany Park. We go inside where students are walking the halls.

02:20Copy video clip URL In the school gym, the basketball hoops are lowered for try-outs. The coach, Manny Weincord, explains the process of assembling the school’s varsity basketball team each year.


6:15Copy video clip URL Video cuts out then immediately back in. Coach Weincord continues talking about how he selects his team. He talks about the problems with a lack of budget in their school and how it leads to a lack of confidence in the boy because they don’t even have matching uniforms. Another man, presumably the Assistant Coach, comes up heckles Manny a bit before the camera dedicates some time to talk to him. He is an alumni of the school and talks about why he spends time at the school because the kids deserve it. Coach Weincord then returns to within the shot of the camera. He talks again about the problem with low turnout and player poaching by other teams. Weincord talks about some of the people that he wants on his team. Manny talks about what makes a good coach and what makes a good player.

26:31Copy video clip URL Manny assembles the kids who are trying out and he describes his philosophy and what they will be doing that day. Then he has the basketball players run various passing and rebound drills.

38:31Copy video clip URL The coach then splits the boys into four teams for practice games.


50:51Copy video clip URL The presumed assistant coach and talks with the cameraman and sings the school song for the camera.

53:37Copy video clip URL The cameraman interviews a few of the basketball players.

1:02:21Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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