[Chicago Slices raw: Rutledge Sisters]

Raw footage for "Chicago Slices," a series documenting life in and around Chicago. In this video, we go into a small storefront church where the Rutledge sisters, two young girls, sing Gospel music with incredible talent and spirit. They are accompanied by their father on the keyboard, a drummer, and a few tambourine players in the audience.

00:00Copy video clip URL Rutledge sisters singing Gospel in small storefront church.

16:50Copy video clip URL View from the street walking into church.

17:05Copy video clip URL Reading from scripture followed by another song, which is sung by a man in the congregation. The younger of the sisters, Denise, takes over at the drum set. She smiles and drums with incredible talent and ease.

21:12Copy video clip URL The Rutledge sisters come back to the altar and sing again.

29:00Copy video clip URL Denise Rutledge gets back on the drum set as the minister takes over the vocals.

30:24Copy video clip URL Picture gets shaky for a few minutes and audio goes out briefly as well.

31:40Copy video clip URL They pause for prayer. The minister fervently prays aloud as the congregation closes their eyes. The minister then emphatically preaches from the pulpit. He shouts and asks the congregation to participate by repeating after him and giving him inspiration.

38:55Copy video clip URL Prayer followed some more preaching.

40:40Copy video clip URL Picture gets shaky for a few seconds. Then people give an offering to the altar, followed by announcements. Picture gets shaky again intermittently.

44:38Copy video clip URL The service ends and they pack up their equipment. Cut to outside the church, where they gather and make plans to go off to another church.

48:58Copy video clip URL They drive away and go to another church and enter the sanctuary while a large Gospel choir sings, setting up their equipment on the altar.

54:22Copy video clip URL A woman from the church choir takes the microphone and extends a welcome to everyone. She goes into some preaching, which is followed by the choir starting another song.

58:28Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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