[Chicago Slices raw: Shadow Traffic]

SHADOW TRAFFIC: Interview with Traffic anouncer DON NELSON at MIEGS FIELD, also shots of Chicago from inside a helicopter.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll three guys at baseball field watching a game. Several plays unfold.

01:31Copy video clip URL New location. Videographer now in back of taxi riding along city street. He asks the driver how traffic has been this morning and how it has been all summer.

02:58Copy video clip URL At a city airfield, a helicopter lands.

05:18Copy video clip URL Interview with Don Nelson, airborne traffic reporter with Shadow Traffic, standing in front of a helicopter. Heavy outside wind on the microphone. Interview questions: How did you get into reporting traffic on radio? Don replies that he had been working in radio since graduating high school, working many years at rock radio stations. A friend knew of someone at Shadow Traffic. He investigated and was offered a job. He talks about his career and the fun he has had as a bit player on various shows.

09:50Copy video clip URL Does anyone hear your voice and say: ‘You sound familiar’? Occasionally; mostly it’s ‘God you don’t look anything like you sound.’ He talks about how traffic in Chicago has been this summer. What’s the worst traffic you’ve ever seen? Friday afternoons. He goes on to comment on how bad traffic is from 1-5pm on Fridays and the reasoning.

11:36Copy video clip URL What excuse do you use when you show up late? Traffic.

12:18Copy video clip URL Don comments on how reporting is a team effort and how traffic reports help when they see an accident. Heavy wind affects the audio signal, making it heard to hear.

14:20Copy video clip URL How many stations are you on? One here and there.

15:20Copy video clip URL Don comments on the responsibility of the traffic reporter. If you suggest drivers use an alternate route because of congestion, you better make sure the alternate route you select is truly clear before announcing it.

16:02Copy video clip URL Don remarks that Chicago’s greatest asset is its Metra commuter service.

16:35Copy video clip URL Don suggests that Chicago’s traffic is better than traffic in other major cities.

16:46Copy video clip URL A helicopter lands in the middle of their interview.

17:05Copy video clip URL Videographer is in the cockpit of a helicopter. The helicopter lifts off and circles downtown Chicago. The overwhelming motor noise in the cockpit makes it difficult to hear the conversation. Various shots of the city, traffic, and the Chicago River.

25:47Copy video clip URL The helicopter comes in for a landing.

26:59Copy video clip URL The videographer thanks Don for his time and follows as Don enters a helicopter and takes off.

28:48Copy video clip URL New location. Videographer in back of taxi. He asks the driver if he ever listens to Don Nelson’s traffic reports. He does, and says how helpful Don’s reports have been, and tells stories to illustrate how his reports have helped.

30:45Copy video clip URL Audio drops out.

30:57Copy video clip URL Audio returns.

31:15Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Continue with conversation in taxi.

32:42Copy video clip URL END



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