[Chicago Slices raw: Sidney Barry #1]

This video contains raw footage for the television show "Chicago Slices." Videomaker Doug Sawyer travels with Karen Hutt to interview Sidney Barry, an African-American teenager who was about graduate from high school in Chatham on the south side of Chicago. Barry talks about his life experiences, race, other teens, society, and his hopes for the future.

00:00Copy video clip URL Karen Hutt and Doug Sawyer hold a conversation as Hutt drives to the home of Sidney Barry. This lasts for several minutes.

02:28Copy video clip URL Hutt explains that she will be interviewing Barry about his life and future after high school. She goes on to talk about meeting Barry through his job at the Children’s Museum in Chicago. “He impressed me as somebody who was pretty thoughtful.” She also states that Barry seemed liked he had a lot of pain in his life due to not being recognized for his decency and being an average kid. Hutt talks about the need for people to support bright teens. She is also wondering what Barry’s perspective is as a young black teenager in 1993. The two continue to make their way to Barry’s home on the South Side.

06:10Copy video clip URL Hutt and Sawyer arrive at Barry’s home a little early. They drive around the neighborhood to kill some time. Hutt comments on the fact that you never see these types of regular average neighborhoods on the news.

10:12Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Barry walking into his home. Hutt and Sawyer follow him inside.

11:37Copy video clip URL Hutt explains to Barry what the interview will be like. Barry begins to talk about his upcoming graduation from high school. He states that he’s ready to step up to the next level despite being undecided on what he wants to do with his future. He briefly steps away from the interview to answer two phone calls.

14:51Copy video clip URL Barry resumes talking about the uncertainty of his future. He states that he was thinking about getting into broadcasting eventually. Barry goes on to talk about his upcoming prom. Hutt also talks about her prom experience.

16:40Copy video clip URL Hutt asks Barry about some of his memories of high school. He talks about some of the positive changes that have taken place in his school. Barry goes on to talk about his first experience at a Bulls game. He talks about his seeing a Bulls versus Pistons game and being a Detroit fan. Barry also makes a few comments about race relations and the notion that sports can bring people together. Barry eventually talks about some of his memories from childhood. This lasts for several minutes.

21:33Copy video clip URL Barry talks about his social skills in daily life. Barry then shows Hutt and Sawyer around the neighborhood.

23:49Copy video clip URL Once outside, Barry comments on the general vibe and make up of his neighborhood. He states that there’s a bit of unity along the block. Barry goes on to talk about his good friend Brian. He states that he and Brian hang out quite a bit. Hutt eventually asks Barry about his thoughts on how young black males are portrayed in the news media. Barry states all black males shouldn’t be categorized in that way. The continue to walk through the neighborhood. This lasts for several minutes.

30:31Copy video clip URL Hutt and Barry make their way into Checkers for some lunch. They continue to make conversation over the numerous conversations taking place in the restaurant. Barry talks about some of his heroes, one being NBA legend Isiah Thomas. The two eventually leave Checkers because of the long wait.

33:00Copy video clip URL Barry talks about the hypocrisy of many of his adult counterparts. He also talks about how he finds solace in getting advice from older people. Barry goes on to make a few philosophical comments about life. “Life reminds me kind of like basketball… First you start off, you start out dribbling. You got to learn how to dribble. And second, you got to learn how to shoot. You got to learn how to rebound and then when you think you’re good at that, there’s always something else you got to do. It’s like in life, you may graduate from high school but you can’t stop there. You got to go on and keep striving.” The two then make their way into a local McDonald’s and order some lunch.

39:10Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Barry and Hutt after their lunch at McDonald’s. The two make their way back to Barry’s home. Barry comments on the dynamic of his neighborhood. They eventually make their way over to a pair of neighborhood children who are very excited to be on camera. The three then drive over to a local park. This lasts for several minutes.

48:00Copy video clip URL The three arrive at the park and make their way over to the basketball courts. Hutt asks Barry is he ever gets scared of the future. Barry states that he does get nervous, but that he doesn’t worry about it too much and prefers taking things one day at a time. Barry goes on to talk about what he’ll be doing during the summer. He talks about some of his summer vacation plans and his work at the Children’s Museum. He describes the work he does with children in various workshops at the museum. Barry eventually begins to talk about his entire school career from kindergarten to senior year of high school. This lasts for several minutes.

52:52Copy video clip URL Barry comments on the similarities between life and basketball once again. He then makes his way over to the basketball court. Barry talks about the recognition he would like to eventually get through his various future achievements. He also makes few comments on U.S. and Chicago politics. He calls for the need for new jobs and help for the poor in the city. Barry goes on to define what a role model means to him. The tape ends shortly afterward.

58:09Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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