[Chicago Slices raw: Skokie Teachers Workshop]

Raw footage for the TV series Chicago Slices. SKOKIE 60076: JOE CUMMINGS interviews teachers at the teachers workshop in Skokie. Keith Wojciechowski explains his method of teaching math. Gordon Technical High School dress and conduct codes are discussed.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of a certificate that reads: Award to Dr .Gunther, The Best Principal at McCracken.

00:09Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings interviews Vicki Gunther, principal of McCracken. She notes it takes patience and a love of children to be a good principal. She comments she should have combed her hair and brushed her teeth after eating a muffin.

00:58Copy video clip URL The videographer records a release with Gunther in which she gives permission for her image to be used on TV, except for the part about the muffin.

01:01Copy video clip URL Jan Mulqueeny introduces herself as a special ed teacher. She says special ed allows students to learn in a different way than the average classroom. She notes that a special ed student is someone who needs a different presentation than what’s in a classroom. We adapt to the individual’s need. She motivates them by building their self-esteem. If the kid is into baseball then use baseball cards to teach reading and math.

02:23Copy video clip URL Cummings tells about working in a school where the kids wanted to read Popular Mechanics and comic books. His philosophy was to let the kids read it if it helped them learn to read. Mulqueeny says that special ed is somewhat different in that they don’t read for pleasure they use reading for so many other important aspects of life.

03:45Copy video clip URL Mulqueeny says she looks for where the child wants to be and teach to their strengths. If you see a kid on the playground and it looks like they want to get involved but don’t have the skills, that’s the time to introduce them to those skills and find out what’s holding them back.

04:40Copy video clip URL Mulqueeny introduces herself and spells her name, and gives permission to be seen on TV. Vicki Gunther gives her name and spelling.

05:11Copy video clip URL In a room full of teachers gathered for a meeting, Laura Stamp, a first year teacher of sixth graders, says she’s very scared about getting in front of the class. She says she got this job through a friend who had initially interviewed at the school.

06:07Copy video clip URL Veteran teacher Phyllis Shugall offers advice for Stamp: trust your gut, take things easy, don’t try a lot of new things all at once.

06:33Copy video clip URL Another teacher, Heather Perkinson, says she is coming from another school and is looking to make a fresh start. She says she was at a private school and couldn’t financially continue doing that. She says the first day of school, being a veteran teacher, is different than that of a new teacher. She has experience and confidence. Her advice to Stamp: just don’t even pretend that you are going to get sleep the night before.

07:20Copy video clip URL Videographer records the names and spellings of Phyllis and Heather.

07:37Copy video clip URL Interview with Keith Wojciechowski, who teaches math at Gordon Tech. He says many of his kids mispronounce his name the whole year and he makes it part of their test.

08:49Copy video clip URL Interview with Bob Edmunds, a Social Studies teacher at Gordon Tech, who is wearing a Star Trek t-shirt. He says he is looking for a new beginning for the new school year. He says the students at Gordon Tech are great. He’s been teaching there for twenty-five years. He notes that each year is different because all the kids are different. He notes the school has a lot of student and leadership support. There is zero tolerance for violence and delinquency.

11:21Copy video clip URL When asked which of the Star Trek characters would make the best teacher, Edmunds suggests Mr. Spock, but says that he prefers Kirk’s style. He thinks Dr. McCoy might make a good math teacher. B-roll of the t-shirt.

13:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Vicki Markavitch, Superintendent of District 73 1/2. She says she looks forward to each year being a fresh start. She says they have new curricula and programs coming into place. They’ve hired twelve new teachers. She notes they’ve had huge enrollments.

14:46Copy video clip URL Change of location. Markavitch is in the school hallway continuing the interview. She notes that this year the new programs focus on mathematics. They worked in teacher teams to identify learner outcomes in each grade level.  They’re trying to develop a  program in which students will be successful in algebra by the 8th grade. She notes that a knowledge of math prepares students for various problem solving in life, weighing alternatives, deciding the impact of variables. Markavitch notes the biggest problem she faces as Superintendent is the rapid population growth at school and having to expand the school space to accommodate all the new students. It is three weeks before school is to start and they still do not have enough space for all the students expected. It will be crowded until the new building can be completed next autumn. Finance is also an issue. She notes her resources are dwindling. She comments that the school is supposed to be supported 90 per cent from property taxes and ten per cent from State Federal aid, the opposite of how Chicago schools are supported.

17:48Copy video clip URL END



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