[Chicago Slices raw: Sports Collectors Convention #2]

More STONEY BURKE at the Sport's Collector's Convention...Stoney in the money blowing machine, BOB GIBSON, and baseball cards...

00:00Copy video clip URL Continued from tape 14106. Poor audio signal. Audio signal soon improves. Burke asks a vendor what the most uncommon use of a baseball card is. He says he seen people pick their teeth with a card.

00:42Copy video clip URL A barker sells the SkyCaps game from SkyBox. He explains how the game is played: stacking ten chips called pogs, a player slam the stack with a special pog. The pogs that flip over are the ones the player keeps.

01:32Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. The barker says he’s the generic entertainment from Detroit and playfully adds that as soon as he’s done here his boss will let his mother go.

03:20Copy video clip URL B-roll of a guy standing in a money blowing machine. A wind machine on the floor of the box blows dollar bills around that the participant tries to grab in mid-air. When one young teen emerges from his try, Burke asks to describe the experience. He says he only grabbed a couple handfuls of money. He says he’s at the convention to get autographs.

04:43Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. The teen says he prefers real grass to fake grass on a playing field.

05:12Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. Burke asks the SkyBox attendant to let him take a turn in the money blowing machine to record a promo. She allows it.

07:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of the convention. Camera continues to roll as videographer and Burke wander the room searching for subjects.

08:05Copy video clip URL Sporadic video drop outs. Burke approaches a card dealer who says his highest seller is a Larry Bird/Magic Johnson set valued at ten thousand dollars. He says the national convention is the largest of the conventions he attends. The oldest card he has in his personal collection is a 1952 rookie Willie Mays card. He says to be a good dealer one must have integrity, honesty.

10:02Copy video clip URL B-roll of vendors at work. Burke tries unsuccessfully to engage a vendor for an interview.

10:47Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing.

10:59Copy video clip URL Burke interviews a vendor who reports that most attendees come to conventions looking for promos and autographs more than memorabilia. He says the real old memorabilia sells better than the newer items. He shows off a promo card that can sell for two-hundred-and-fifty dollars. He thinks that’s too much but it’s what the market bears. He talks about the sad reality of some dealers taking advantage of kids by paying them less for a sports card they know is more valuable. He thinks it’s wrong that athletes charge for autographs. His young daughter notes that she stood in line for five hours to get Chris Webber’s autograph. She said there was almost a fight for a give away promo. The vendor notes that a lot of the autographs from popular players cost twenty-five dollars or more. He says he is a die-hard Cardinals fan. He says artificial turf can help prevent rained out games. Some fake turf has perforations that help drain rain water.

15:23Copy video clip URL Interview with the vendors young daughter who says she plays baseball and basketball, and wishes there was a pro women’s basketball league. The father notes that there is one card around featuring a female professional hockey player and that she’ll be at the convention tomorrow. The daughter says she likes to play basketball to get her mind off school.

16:48Copy video clip URL Burke records another intro and interviews a young attendee carrying a pizza box. The kid has just gotten an autograph from Chris Webber. Audio signal weakens then comes back.

17:30Copy video clip URL Burke interviews the San Francisco 49rs mascot. He says he’s having a great time. When asked what he thinks about Joe Montana’s trade to Kansas City the mascot responds, “You know, I don’t make the decisions.” When asked what it’s like being him, the mascot answers, “I like it. You get to meet a lot of people.” B-roll of the mascot greeting fans. The Chicago Bears mascot starts clowning with fans. Burke introduces himself to the mute bear who pantomimes answers to “what’s it like to be a team mascot?” and “Are you gonna win all your games this year?” More b-roll of the mascot clowning around with young fans.

19:33Copy video clip URL Burke interviews an older attendee who says he is here for autographs. Says he got Killebrew, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson’s autograph. He notes collecting brings him back to his youth. He prefers real grass to fake grass.  He says the wackiest play he ever saw was Carlton Fisk tagging out at home plate two Yankees, one running right behind the other.

20:53Copy video clip URL B-roll of players signing autographs. Burke tries to get an interview with player Bob Gibson who refuses. Interview with famed player Brooks Robinson who says he prefers real grass. “As Dick Allen said, ‘if a horse doesn’t eat it then I don’t want to play on it,’ and I feel the same way.” He says he’s not a collector and hates to remember what he’s given away over the years. He suspects the ball these days is wound a little tighter. Baseballs are flying out of ballparks by guys who shouldn’t be hitting them that far. He said he was impressed to see his face on a baseball card for the first time. B-roll of Robinson signing autographs.

24:35Copy video clip URL B-roll of vendor selling and analyzing cards to attendees. Burke asks one attendee who just purchased a Julius Irving card what he looks for in a card. The edges, the centering of the image, if there are any stains, etc.

26:52Copy video clip URL Interview with a dealer of autographed baseballs and baseball bats. He’s been dealing for twelve years. He says he was involved with baseball as a writer and has a small private collection. Interview ends abruptly when videographer stops recording.

27:36Copy video clip URL END



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